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Only at Sweetwater! Instant Delivery and FREE Tech Support for Vienna Symphonic Library Mac Virtual Orchestra Software gear! Shop Sweetwater inSync SweetCare Events Careers Used Gear Marketplace (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! Contact Us We're here to help. MacPro 2010 12 core 2.93 ghz 64 GB Mac OS X Rocket Raid Sata III card with 8 x ssd VSL lib on a Raid 0 of 4 x 256 GB ssd Sata III - Raid 0 of 4 x 64 GB for other libs. Please install the latest version of the Vienna Download Manager. Download the Library Download File (under VI Library Downloads and/or Synchron Library Downloads) and open it by double-clicking the '.vsldownload' file. This will start the Vienna Download Manager and the download will start automatically. Once the download is finished, the installation process will start right away. Synchron Library Updates. As an alternative, the Vienna Symphonic Library also offers the triple horn. The Standard Library of the Download Instrument contains all of the Viennese horn samples of the as well as some additional articulations. The Full Library offers the complete articulations on par with the ones of the big DVD Collection Brass I Extended Library.

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Vienna Symphonic Library Free Download

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Vienna Symphonic Library Download Mac
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$ 540.00

Detailed Drum and Percussion Instruments


This second installment of the extremely detailed percussion sample recordings at Synchron Stage Vienna adds a new arsenal of fine instruments to the Synchron Series. As with the first collection, the instruments were captured at the large “Stage A” of Vienna Symphonic Library’s own scoring stage with the same multi-microphone setup that makes their pristine sound extremely flexible.

Included instruments:

  • 5 Timpani (Adams, C2–C#4, hit with a soft beater)

  • 10 Taikos (Kolberg, 8' to 53')

  • 6 Roto-toms (Kolberg, 6' to 16')

  • Bass drum 2 (Lefima 28')

  • Tam-tam 3 (Wuhan, 70 cm)

  • Burma gongs (Kolberg, C2 – C6)

  • 5 China gongs (Kolberg Peking Opera Gongs)

  • Vibraphone (Musser M55)

  • Crotales (Bergerault, C6 – C8)

  • Plate bells (Kolberg, C2 – C7)

  • 3 Temple bells

  • 2 Thundersheets

  • Wind machine

  • Rainmaker

  • 3 Ratchets

  • 2 Vibraslaps

  • 3 Slapsticks

  • Lion’s roar

  • Waldteufel

  • Log drums

  • 4 Anvils

For detailed information on each instrument please refer to the descriptions of the separately available instrument groups.

All instruments include single strokes in many velocity layers and several round robins, rolls and effect articulations. For some instruments, rolls are available in two variants: “Static” rolls are recorded without changing dynamics and allow you to transition smoothly through velocity layers from pianissimo to fortissimo. “Dynamic” rolls were recorded with their dynamic changes (crescendos and diminuendos) performed over various lengths. You may release the key at any time – the individually adapted release samples will be triggered automatically.


Miking and Mixing

Every instrument was recorded using 12 microphones. You may select from four microphone positions (Standard Library) or seven different microphone positions (Full Library) and mix them to your liking, using the full-fledged mixer of the Vienna Synchron Player.

Each instrument comes with a variety of mixer presets that include traditional Decca Tree configurations with variations such as Close, Classical, Wide, Distant and Ambient, but also processed signals with algorithmic reverb, compression, delays and effects for “Low Boom”, “Power Timps”, “Far Away Echoes” and many more. “Surround to Stereo” feeds the surround and high surround mics to the stereo signal for a richer and wider sound. Also included are “Surround” presets for 5.1 applications and 3D audio setups such as Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos.

A new feature of the Synchron Player lets you place each single drum (where available, such as timpani, taiko drums, roto toms) in the stereo panorama. Instead of automatically placing the entire setup, e.g., the five timpani, on its spot on stage, you can use the new “Output Config” feature to route each close-miked drum to its own channel.

Library Content

  • Standard Library: Samples 191.324 Download Files Size 58,1 GB Installed File Size 170,9 GB

  • Full Library: Samples 334.817 Download Files Size 120,9 GB Installed File Size 341,6 GB

Vsl Vienna Symphonic Library

System Requirements

  • PC Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • macOS 10.10 (latest update) or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo
  • SSD (M2, Sata 6 or USB3/3.1 UASP Support) for sample content
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • AU/VST/AAX Native compatible host (AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
  • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)

Vienna Symphonic Library Complete

Other configurations may work but are not actively supported.


Vienna Symphonic Library Free Download Mac

  • Windows 7/8/10 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • macOS 10.12 (or higher), Intel i5/i7/Xeon
  • 16 GB RAM or more, depending on your registered products
  • 88 key master keyboard

Vienna Symphonic Library

Product activation:
Vienna Instruments require the ViennaKey!
This USB protection device by eLicenser (by Steinberg, formerly Syncrosoft) is not included in any collection, it is a separate item you have to get additionally. So you’ll have to order at least one ViennaKey with your first purchase. It will be put inside the shopping basket automatically but can be deleted if not required. Customers who order the complete SYMPHONIC CUBE will get one ViennaKey for free (not shown in the basket). If you already own another eLicenser USB protection device (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia), you can use it for the VIENNA INSTRUMENTS, too. Each dongle can store up to 100 product licenses.
Additionally an internet connection on any computer is required to authorize a VSL product.