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What the above software apps enable you to do, is to polish images, increase the lighting, sharpen the saturation as well as a million other things for a perfect look. If you love perfection, these are the options to go for. They are the Best free photo editing software for Mac 2020. Since then, it’s cemented its reputation as the best free photo editing software for Mac. The tools are intuitive and simple to navigate, and the integration with iCloud Photo Library is seamless. Plus, as a built-in Mac app, it’s genuinely, totally free — which is why we’re more than happy to name it the best free image editor.

Best image editing apps for Mac helps you edit & enhance photo quality in a seamless manner. In this article, we have discussed some simple yet powerful photo editing apps for Mac to help you make your photo editing work easy and effective. Let’s discuss some of these impressive tools here.

Pixelmator: Pixelmator works on advanced techniques to provide you some amazing photo editing features. It helps you touch up and enhance photo quality, apply some dazzling effects, draw or paint subjects, create a composition and do much more. It supports all popular image formats and allows you to share edited images on social media accounts or on email. It offers some simple yet powerful selection tools to help you edit or apply special effects.

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Further, you can use some impressive painting tools for improved editing results. It offers various retouching tools to help you correct various flaws like wrinkles, scratches, blur, sharpen, dark areas and much more. Additionally, it offers drawing tools, color correction tools, layer styles, sharing on different accounts, editing extensions for Photos app and much more.

Affinity Photo: This amazing tool is redefining the professional photo editing on Mac. This tool is meticulously designed to enhance, edit and retouch your images for improved results. Engineered for professionals this tool offers some simple yet powerful features to help you enhance photo quality.

It offers layers, color management, different image formats, drawing features, channel editing, and lot more. It allows you to open images in RAW and other formats, paint areas for better adjustment, advanced lens correction and quality retouching and correction tools to make your images look better.

Free Photo Imaging Software For Mac


It offers numerous effects and features to make your editing work seamless. It supports all macOS technologies like Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL, and Core Graphics. Further, it fully supports MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar and Force Touch trackpad.

Tweak Photos: This state-of-the-art tool is one of the best photo editing apps for Mac. This tool is tailor made to fit into various photo editing needs of the users. It allows you to batch edit your images on Mac.

It offers numerous photo filters to make your regular shot into piece of art. It offers unique watermarking for your photos for better results. It offers multi-layer management of your photos to help you track sequence of effects which are applied.

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It supports various file formats including BMP, JPG, JP2, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF etc. Further, you can import files easily for easy work. In other features, it helps you change texture & style, rename batch photos, convert file format, auto-correct orientation, blur multiple photos, adds frames to batch photos and do much more. You can use this amazing tool for impressive photo editing results.

Snapheal: Snapheal offers some impressive features to help you remove unwanted objects from your images in single click. It removes skin imperfections and helps you restore old scanned photos effortlessly.

It offers multi-factor healing with precision eraser and images enhancement tools for better results. In other features, it helps you flip or rotate images, adjust skin color & tone, remove imperfections like acne, heal blemish skin and much more.

Free Photo Imaging Software For Mac


Using this tool, you can restore your image in good shape by removing scratches, watermarks, and overlay text. It offers more clarity, improved sharpness, less saturation and adjusts light in your image. It offers numerous effects, enhancement and editing features for better-looking image. Further, you can share or import an image with friends or family.

Fotor Photo Editor: Fotor Photo Editor is designed to help you process your images for improved quality and effects. You can use this tool to manage white balance & brightness, adjust exposure, saturation and contrast.

It offers some amazing effects like retro, classic, Lomo, B&W, lightening leaking, Mono, filmatic, and many other useful effects. Further, it offers noise reduction feature as well for noise free images.

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Under crop feature, it is laced with built-in horizontal & vertical perspective and lens distortion function for better results. Using its HSL function you can adjust colors in your image. In other features, you can optimize cropping, experience vignette function, rotation feature, curve function and lot more. It also offers batch editing.

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Conclusion: Using photo editing apps for Mac you can improve your photo quality instantly and effectively. These photo editing apps work on advanced techniques to provide amazing results automatically. Further, these tools help you reduce your manual efforts and save time.

Summary: Photo editing apps for Mac helps you enhance photo quality instantly. These tools work automatically to save your time & efforts. Let’s discuss best image editing apps for Mac users in this article.

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top 5 alternatives to the Photos app in Windows 10.For seasoned Mac users, Preview is the default option, but for the fresh converts from Windows often feel stifled and frustrated. Keeping that into consideration, I aim to strike a balance with the shortlisted apps. Also, I wouldn't recommend the ones that annoy you with 'Buy the Pro Plan' prompts as soon as you launch the app. If it irks me, I can only imagine how much it would bother you. So let's check out the options.To use any of the options as a default viewer, you will have to select different image files (PNG, JPG, BMP, and other). Right-click on them and select Get Info. From the Info window, you need to click on the drop-down below Open With and choose a relevant app from the list. After that, click on Change All to apply the tweaks to relevant files across the system.So let's take a look at the top Image Viewer apps for Mac.
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1. Xee

Xee is quite a straightforward replacement of Preview. Despite the similarities, Xee steps ahead with a few unique features. As expected, the Previews and Next buttons for browsing between images are placed at the top left corner. The other options appear neatly placed next to them at the top.Xee's status bar shows additional details about the image, such as its dimensions, file type, file size, color details, and more. The only thing I found odd that Xee did not pick up the Dark them of my macOS. I had to navigate to Xee's Preferences > Style and then pick Black.Xee is simply an Image Viewer. That means if you are looking for an Image Viewer with editing options, you are out of luck here. This app is streamlined, fast, and quite responsive.Unfortunately, Xee isn't free, and you will have to pay $3.99 to buy it from the App Store on your Mac.Download Xee

2. XnView MP

The XnView is more than an image viewer. It's a popular cross-platform media management software, and Windows users love it so much that many want to set XnView as the default image viewer on Windows 10. With support for over 500 image formats, the developers lock quite a bunch of handy features behind the paywall. However, the app lets you customize the layout of the app.When the app is open, navigate to View>Layout and select Free from the subsequent menu. After that, you can click on the x-shaped icon irrelevant windows. In short, you get enough viewing and sorting modes that you can keep changing between them to suit your requirements. The app's performance setting allows you to squeeze out the maximum from your on-board GPU chip. That means, the processing and caching will be faster on beefed-up MacBook Pros.Download XnView MP

3. Phiewer

The free version of Phiewer lets you view one image at a time. When you open a photo, it shows the main image with a collection of thumbnails on the left side. While being one of the fastest image viewers to open a photo, Phiewer shows the thumbnails on the left with an option to start a slideshow directly. However, the blurring effect offering backdrop might just steal your attention for a bit.Phiewer stands out by displaying the basic details about a photo distinctly on its interface. Besides photos, it also supports a variety of media formats. That will become apparent as soon as you sync your media folders with the app. You might enjoy the readymade bouquet of options, such as different effects, to try out on photos. You can pay for the Pro version to unlock alignment, cropping controls, applying filters, adjusting granular aspects, and more.You may call it a simpler version of the XnView MP and use it accordingly.Get Phiewer

4. Lyn

Free Photo Imaging Software For Mac Windows 10

Lyn is like a proper replacement of the Photos app with the Image Viewer capabilities built-in. The interface of Lyn app is quite familiar so that you won't feel out of place at all. When you launch it initially, you will notice the basic adjustment options at the top — they will remind you of Preview.Apart from viewing options, you can also link other cloud-based services such as Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, and more. The i-shaped button is the hidden information panel that will present you with details of the image ranging from resolution to metering mode. If you check the photos clicked using your digital camera, DSLR, or Mirrorless, then Lyn is a suitable image viewer app. Of course, you can always customize the layout from the preferences for quick access to the frequently used folders. Lyn supports a variety of picture formats, and you can quickly share photos with your friends over email, Flickr, or even Smugmug. The basic version comes with a 15-day trial, which is decent enough to try it out. Otherwise, you will have to cough out $20 as a one-time payment to get rid of the trial period limitation.Get Lyn App

5. qView

If you are looking for a no-nonsense image viewer for all your photos and screenshot, then this is the best option. Without mincing words, qView is one of the minimalist photo viewer that looks amazing with the dark theme on the macOS.qView is also available on Windows, which makes it a perfect cross-platform tool to use for viewing photos on both the platforms. It works best as the no-nonsense photo viewer on your Mac. Of course, it doesn't offer editing or tweaking options.Download qView

Bonus Recommendation: ApolloOne

The ApolloOne is one of the rare apps that utilize the Core Image graphics and hardware features such as multi-threading to deliver the best photo gallery and organization experience.
It can also handle RAW photos and support over 1000 digital cameras. Also, it lets you tinker around with the EXIF details. You can always try out its Slideshow to view a series of photos. This feature-rich image viewer can be purchased to unlock support and other helpful settings.Get ApolloOne
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While Apple's Preview gets the basic job done, it does leave a lot to be desired. Specifically for folks who move from or use macOS alongside Windows 10. My favorite is ApolloOne since it supports a variety of cameras for importing images directly, and I often use qView just for browsing photos on my Mac. So which one will you pick?Apple photo software download

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