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This is the World's BEST green screen software. It runs as a Photoshop plugin and creates a non-destructive layer system with unmatched spill suppression. With the recent release of Green Screen Wizard Pro Version 9.0 for both Windows and MAC, this is one powerful tool for the demanding professional. Its Reality Integration™ proprietary algorithm is way ahead of the competition in its ability to zero-in on background areas and remove them from your green screen. Jun 24, 2019 iMovie is a free video editing software designed for the iOS and Mac operating systems which excels in the Green Screen effect. Apart from the very basic video editing features such as cutting, trimming, splitting, etc. This software is also quite efficient in its advanced features like Chroma Keying. This is the World's BEST green screen software. It runs as a Photoshop plugin and creates a non-destructive layer system with unmatched spill suppression.

You can also DIY your own green screen video with green screen kit. This article is prepared for you if you want to look for one reputable and flexible green screen software. We will list several best free or paid green screen editors to help you make green screen effect work. Five best free green screen software for Windows or Mac; Part 2.

Green Screen Photo Software Free

What do you need to getstarted with green screen photography?

And How to get best results during chroma photography -

  • Agreen background or a blue background.
    • Greencolor is not essential for getting the digital effect you want. Youcouldeasily usea blue screeen background and get the same digital effect as the greenbackground. It wont make a difference. Just try to get whatever colorout of blue or green is easilyavailable and is economical.
    • Thiscould be a canvas backdrop or painton a wall. If this is a canvas, muslin cloth is preferable as abackdrop. While it preferred by most software that the backdrop beneatly ironed, we understand it is not always practicle to iron thebackdrop. So we designed our green screen program to work well with areasonable level of wrinkles in the backdrop. You can hang the backdropagainst a wall and spread it out nicely. If the background is paint,please make sure that the paint is of decent quality but not atall glossy. The glossy paint is going to reflect light and leave hotspot reflections at several points where light reflection is maximumand it will spoil the overall compositing of the digital photo. In theend this will lead to poor results despite the best quality of thesoftware. It not magic afterall!
  • Properlighting
    • Thelighting should be from at least two sides to evenly light up thebackground. The lighting should be such that the subject will leave noshadows. The better lit your backdrop is during the photo shoot, thebetter off you the results of the software! The color keying operationis better if lighting is even. But better lighting doesn't mean extra bright lights! Please be reasonable.
  • Properclothing for the talent or the subject of the photography
    • Whilethe sense of fashion is upto the model and to you, please do not wearshiny material. Please avoid wearing metallic accessories like metallic band, jewellery etc. The reason for this is that these shinysurface will reflect the green background and over spill. Parts of thesubject might get erased when thephoto is composited using the software program.
  • Positionof the talent
    • Keepher at least 6 feet from the green backdrop. Many people recommend adistanceof about 8 feet from the green or blue backdrop but we understand thatnot everyone has the luxury of a large space in their studio.
  • Yourphoto camera and our green screen photography software. Remember, manyprofessional photographers have used this technology before you.
  • Creativity!
    • Wehave worked hard and given our best to design our editing software toboost your creativity. You can just focus on selecting the bestsuitable backdrops for your subjects.

About Post Production forphotographers

Postproduction is the context of digital photography is the process ofworking on the photograph after it has been clicked by thedigital camera. Typical postproduction is performed by the use ofappropriate digital software to improve the photograph by adjustingexposure, contrast, brightness, colors, hues etc. Otherscould also be cropping, watermarking etc. Replacing background ofdigital photos brings a whole new interesting dimension to how thefinal finished picture presents itself. A subject could have beenphotographed inside a studio or a booth but could be shown in front ofthe statue of liberty!
Chromashop'ssoftware is about color keying only. This is also known as colorcompositing or green screen software. We have made a great deal ofeffort to take the expertise out of creating amazing color key effectsusing just a few clicks. Even children can do it, not to mentionprofessionals.
MacFree green screen photo software for mac osThe green screensoftware mac version can be installed with just double clicking on thedmg after downloading and the green screen software windows version hasa windows installer as .exe file (executable file ). Both are less than30 MB in size, download fast and come bundled with the same set ofdigital backdrops. Would like to point out these are green screen photosoftware only. There is no video version for either mac or windows asof now and we are only focussed on creating the best green screenprogram for now. Chromashop is also used nicely as a photo boothsoftware in events on mac and pc. It gives good entertainment tovisitors in fairs and events.

How Easy green screen photo editor is!

Thisphoto editor for green screen editing is surprisingly easy to use compared toother such green screen photo software in the market. The software hasbeen designed to be used for lay people and professionals alike. Oneclick is all it takes to replace the background nicely. Of course, youphotography skills matter too. A nice photography by a technicalphotographer will yield better results than those of an amateur, butthe software helps in reducing the gap and the skills required for suchchroma key compositing / color keying / color masking effects and aneconomical price.
Previously people needed to learn photoshop skills before they couldattempt anything like this, but not anymore. Chromashop editing toolallows you to focus on just your creative work and not spend dayslearning photo tools. All these design decisions have enabled this tostrive to be the best chroma key photo software in its category.
It works both on Mac and Windows operating systems. Many people ownboth operating systems and they don't have to look for different toolsfor each.

Why use green background in photograph

Short answer to why green background for photos: It is most different from the human skin tones.
Long answer to why green: There are scientific and practical reasonsbehind using green backgrounds or blue backgrounds in photography.Suppose you use a black background behind the person beingphotographed. What would happen? The the black color is keyed out, theblack color in the person's and eyes would also be masked out. That is,his hair would vanish and so would the color of his eyes (ifblack). Similarly a pink background would make the pink in theskin of a person vanish.
Green and blue are the two color which have been known to effective inphoto compositing because they are the farthest removed from the skintones of most humans. However if a person has green hair, a greenbackground would indeed make her hair disappear in the resultingprocessed photo. In such a case a blue background would be more suited.
In practical applications such as weather forecasting studios,professional advertising setups, green has become more popular becauseblue is also a color that is poplularly used in clothes, especiallymen's clothing be it shirts, coats, trousers, ties. Many times, thereare blue shades that people wear and they tend to interfere with theblue background. Because of these reasons green has indeed become verypopular with photographers and video studios alike.
Best green screen photo software

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Free Green Screen Photo Software For Macbook Pro

Commandline chroma key version also available.