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It is the Go Pro editing software free that can is specially designed for Mac users. You can edit all your videos from your iPad, iPhone, or Mac book. IMovie is one of the TOP picks as a free vlog editing software for Mac users because it has a big number of adjustments, tools, and features that help you edit your footage. There are 30 video and 20 audio filters which allows you to get creative.

GoPro Quik is basically a video editing software offered by GoPro. It is a video and photo editing software that enhances your multimedia experience to a great extent. You should definitely use the latest version of GoPro Quik for Mac.

GoPro Quik Offers you a powerful viewer, editing burst, time-lapse photos, and more. It also gives your Macbook various HiLight tags so that you can find your moments fast. You can share your customized multimedia files on social media and other websites. It is advised to update GoPro Quik to the latest version for the maximum performance.


  • Why choose GoPro Quik for Mac? (Best lightweight Video Editor by GoPro)
  • How to Download and install GoPro Quik? (Latest Version installation)

Why choose GoPro Quik for Mac? (Best lightweight Video Editor by GoPro)

Search for a Video Editor software that is equipped with all the cool features you will need for your Mac? Unlike other editor software, GoPro Quik is always on its optimal performance and does not slow down even under high stress. GoPro Quik will surely make your video editing fun, exciting, and effortless.

You can make any short video clips or create time-lapse photos in a matter of seconds with GoPro Quik. Choosing GoPro Quick will give you access to its automatic import and organization of photos or videos. You can also create videos synced to music with the GoPro Quik for your Mac PC. GoPro Quik has the feature of cloud storage which is often not offered by various video editors.

Features of GoPro Quik for Macbook (Latest version for Mac)

GoPro Quik for your Mac PCs gets better after every update. The features of the latest version of GoPro Quik are:

Time Lapse

You can add photos and sequence them into a time-lapse with GoPro Quik. You can see them bloom to life with the latest panning effects of GoPro Quik.

Videos synced to Music

You can create mesmerizing videos by syncing them to any of your desired music. And all this will be created within just a few clicks.

Gauges and Graphs

GoPro Quik lets its users add gauge and graphs on their videos. By Adding this Gauge and Graphs feature on your videos you will be able to understand how fast, far, and high the video is running.

Short videos

Best Video Editing Software Mac

Trying to make your Videos short and share them with friends? GoPro Quik can create fragments of your Videos and turn it into a fun thing to share and look at.

Special feature


GoPro Quik allows you to easily view your photos, edit burst and also create time-lapse photos. These features are highly optimized in this software and don’t need any special skills to use it.

Cloud Storage

You can upload your photos and videos to the cloud storage of GoPro Quik. You are able to upload your multimedia manually or automatically.

Picture Editing Software Free Mac


GoPro Quik for Mac Specifications (Free Download)

GoPro Quik will surely help your videos be more enhanced and more beautiful. The Specs for GoPro Quik free version are given below.

How to Download and install GoPro Quik? (Latest Version installation)

GoPro Quik will run natively if you have Mac OS X 10.10 or later. But if you have an older Macbook then you can use the installation steps below for Quik. You will also use it if you are using a newer version of Mac PCs.

The steps for installing GoPro Quik are:

Step 1: Install an Android emulator on your Mac that is at least android 5.0 and up. Memu Android emulator or Nox player will work perfectly so install it directly from the official website.

Step 2: After you have finished installing Memu on your Macbook, open it for the next step.

Step 3: You will find the android Play Store inside of it which you need to open and run.

Step 4: Now, you can search for the GoPro Quik software from the play store, so go ahead and install it.

Free gopro editing software for macbook pro

Step 5: Now you have Quik from GoPro installed on any MacBook you might have.

Is GoPro Quik the same as GoPro studio for my Mac?

GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio both are video editing tools offered by GoPro. But both are not the same in the case of performance, user interface, and efficiency. GoPro Studio is an advanced version of Quik. Still, you can do almost all basic editing with Quik.

How do I get Quik on my Mac?

There are two ways you can use to download Quik on your Macbook. You can either download the Mac version directly from google or you can use the steps above and emulate it on your PC with the Memu Android Emulator.

Is GoPro Quik free?

GoPro Quik both the free and premium versions for you to install. You can do all the basic edits you will ever need with the GoPro Quik free version.

Final Thoughts

GoPro Quik is an awesome software for creating, editing, and enhancing videos in the easiest way possible. Unlike other software, its free version is similarly as effective as the paid version. So, if you are happy with its features and flexibility it is highly recommended to install GoPro Quik for Mac.

The installation process of GoPro Quik is fairly simple. But if you face any problems in installing the GoPro Quik software, then please do inform us. We are always there to assist our viewers and supporters. Have a good day.

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