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Free Card Design Software For Mac

SmartDraw is the best floor planning tool for Mac for creating 2D floor plans quickly. Mac OS X compatible DRPU ID Card Designer include everything required to design and print professional ID cards on a Mac machine. You can create multiple ID Cards using different barcode value and text. Software provides option to capture image using inbuilt camera while designing ID card.

Greeting card software helps you quickly make greeting cards and offers you many greeting card templates and examples.


Greeting card software is your good assistant to design greeting cards for your family and friends. Use greeting card software to follow where your imagination leads. Your will fall in love with the designing process of greeting cards via greeting card software. Come and act now to free download this greeting card software and show us your self-made greeting cards.

Greeting Card software, free download

Greeting card software is an excellent diagramming tool to design greeting cards. Greeting card software enables you to quickly make greeting cards without any previous experience and professional training. Greeting card software includes many basic drawing shapes and backgrounds to facilitate your drawing of greeting cards.

Click here to free download greeting card software. You can use the built-in templates to create and present your own greeting cards in minutes.

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Popular Software Features

  1. Produce high quality vector greeting cards with smart symbols
  2. Get started quickly from ready-made templates
  3. Export / print / share in multiple formats
  4. Link to various files & online communities
  5. Free technology support
  6. Extensive resources with constant upgrade

Free Printable Greeting Card Examples

The pictures below are greeting cards examples made via greeting card software. The first picture is a happy-new-year card made via greeting card software.

The second picture is a thank-you card made via greeting card software.

Prereparation to Write a Thank You Note

  1. Choose lovely stationery or a beautiful card that is blank inside.
  2. Select a nice pen with an ink color that is appropriate for the occasion.
  3. Have an envelope ready with ample postage.
  4. Focus on what you are grateful for, and how the gift or act of kindness made you feel.

Sample Thank You Note Wording

- Words are not enough to express my gratitude.
- I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Thanks for time and efforts.
- It means a lot to me.
- Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
- How can I show you how grateful I am?
- I am humbled by your generosity.
- Thank you for being there, when I most needed you.
- 'Being remembered in such a nice way means a lot more than what a 'thank you' can say! '
- 'Thank you! You really brightened up my day.'
- Thank you for always being there for me. I will always cherish those precious moments spent with you. That all-time favorite coffee time gossip, those long drives on the bike at night, 'bird watching' in the college campus, and 'one night before' assignment, and exam preparations. Life was never so youthful, it's your friendship that will keep me young, even as we grow old. Thank you very much for everything.
- Thank you so much for the lovely candle set. It looks great as the centerpiece for our new dining-room table. And thank you for taking the time to stop by and tour our new home. We are excited to have finally moved in.

What if we don’t know the basic handcrafts of life to impress anyone? In this current situation of everything becoming digital and hand to please artifacts. We are moving away from the old-fashioned way of being happy on an auspicious occasion. I am talking about greetings cards – which we all used to make at times when we had only some leftover papers. Or it can be said in another way that we loved to create for our loved ones. That happiness has all gone into vain with the upcoming technologies we all are living. In this article, we will check with major bullet points hits of every greeting card software. We will choose software that provides ease of use as well as offer resources to fun editing. Cost efficiency is also a significant factor while determining the best software to handle.

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  • 1 Best Greeting Card Software

Best Greeting Card Software

I did a lot of brainstorming on this technology issue, but the main motive is to come up with the best greeting card software. Time is getting vulnerable towards technology, and the workforce is misleading its path. However, we can now jump to the in-depth content of the article and make our list about greeting card software.

Hallmark’s Nova Development Card Studio

This package comes with over 14,000 cards that are already made and can be used efficiently. It also provides features that allow users to develop a new card from scratch. Creating a whole new map with adding bonus touchups making it more beautiful. It contains around 18,000 cliparts and 10,000 sentiments, which enhances the beauty of the card.

A large variety of this repository can also be used to customize calendars, picture albums, and even frames. Unlimited fonts, themes, and pictures allow experimenting with the scratch card. The Hallmark card studio can availed from Amazon with a price of $49.99. This greeting card software also provides the facility to share them via social networks and print them apparently.

Visit: Hallmark’s Nova Development Card Studio


Fotor is a modern approach towards making cool and classy greeting cards. It is the best alternative for Adobe Spark and Canva. This is an elementary website to use which consist a numerous amount of templates to use with. You can make your own personalised greeting cards or use the ones that are already made. The free version of this software is good enough to make appreciable gift cards. The quality of the cards is also acceptable. There are lot of ads to deal with when using the free version. Also, the free version doesn’t offer much features like animating the card. It also constantly reminds you to upgrade to premium version to use the features.

The free version doesn’t fit well for competition purpose. This site authorizes you to download your card and share to your Facebook or Instagram Page. You can add cool stickers to make your card look more attractive. You can also find tutorials to use this Greeting Card maker in the Settings tab of this page.

Visit: Fotor

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Print Artist Platinum

Print Artist Platinum is a simple computer software. You can import photos from your computer and be as creative as you want with them. It is considered as one of the best greeting card making software because of the 28,000 templates and 377,000 graphic covers of celebration and holidays. You can make a greeting card design of your own or use the pre-loaded ones on this software. This software also provides you with editing tools like color correction, effects, filters, stickers, gifs, clipart, etc.

Also, you can send your card as eCard by the links created by this software and add cool music and sounds to it. Note that Print Artist Platinum and Print Master Platinum are different software. If you need any help in understanding the working of this software then visit its website for tutorials and FAQs.

Visit: Print Artist Platinum


If you are looking for an user-friendly program for making greeting cards in an effective way then Arcsoft Creation is the software you should try. It is one of the widely used software to make personalised greeting cards. It is preloaded with a multitude of templates and photo editing tools to enhance your photos before adding them to your card.

ArcsoftArcsoft comprises of a comprehensive and easy to use interface. After completing your card you can send it through email or save it as an image. This software creates best quality cards and is recommended by most of the graphic designers.

Free Home Design Software Mac

Visit: Arcsoft

Free Id Card Printing Software For Mac

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Scribus is the most used greeting card designing software that is used by well-known graphic designers. It allows the user to use a wide range of templates and layouts. Also, the publishing techniques of this software are really easy. This open source software is a freeware.

It also offers professional tools like CMYK colors, Vector Graphics, PDF and EPS file importing and exporting, ICC colour manager and much more. Scribus also allows the use of OpenType sources.

Visit: Scribus

Print Artist 25 Platinum

The platinum version of the software is priced at a higher table. This is available for $49.99 on Amazon. However, spending a little from the pocket can make the worth of a deal. The platinum version is available for Windows up to the latest version of the Windows operating system.

A value of package with a bundle of 28,000 templates along with 377k graphic or clipart is available. Also, fonts which jump the professionalism to the next level. Easy to go user interface and share options are also available. Making a slideshow for watch later is also attached to the package.

Visit: Print Artist 25 Platinum

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Print Artist Gold

SoftwareHome design software for mac

This software can be availed with a nominal price of $29 from Amazon. With this price, it offers the accessibility to share through social platforms. It also provides tunes and sounds to its creation. It makes the best software by providing stock images along with 15000 templates.

But it has a disadvantage by not giving sentiments along with the package. All a creator has to come up with their ideas. Apart from Hallmark, it will embedded with a picture editing tool with it.

Print Master Platinum

Print Master is higher in range compared to the others. The price of the package at Amazon is around $39.99. Making it the best to buy it comes with a graphic editing tool. It will help to create your graphics from scratch, along with overwriting other images.

However, the pixel size of this clipart they provide isn’t of the best quality. Like the other greeting card software, it provides full utilization of editing tools, whereas the others don’t offer. It also helps in making calendars and agendas which are a part of greeting card memorandum.

Visit: Print Master


Canva is making a digital revolution for all sorts of cards and posters. This greeting card software ranges from logo to Instagram post. Thus it doesn’t require any software to download, and it is readily available from your browser. It provides a vast range of stock images to templates. It only requires the necessary steps to follow, and the product is available to share. Drag and drop are the newest of all the other software doesn’t provide.

All of the custom templates, cliparts, and sentiments can be easily accessed. It charges a nominal fee to get the premium version. Apart from that, Canva is a bomb in the editing software. After completing the process, it also provides options to share and makes the content print with the highest quality available. Custom design can be ordered, which is available within 4-5 working days at your doorstep.

Visit: Canva

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Adobe Spark

It generates a powerful as well as professional software/greeting card software to create a greeting card. With rhythmic templates and sentiments binding together an overall best software. It also has excellent typography, which adds personalization to your greeting card.

If anyone doesn’t have any technical know-how, it doesn’t matter. Just a few steps to follow, and you will have beautiful yet a makeover of your imagination. An editing tool is also available, which helps to commute every variable that can be moved. Repository design also handled with the help of an editing tool.

Visit: Adobe Spark

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe

Free Card Design Software For Mac

This greeting card software may not be the best greeting card software of the above mentioned, but indeed it provides something better. A customizable template along with 27k greeting projects are available.

An inbuilt advanced editing tool which helps to remove unwanted factures from the images. Availability of 500 different fonts and graphics, which makes it easier to use. All types of modern as well as classic fonts are punched into the package.

Home Design Software For Mac

Visit: Greeting Card Factory Deluxe


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