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Our new software is an exact copy of our Large Note KJV Dake Bible for your Macintosh or Windows computer! You can zoom in on each page, making it as large as you'd like. Flip through the pages just like a real Bible! Add your own notes.
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Win a Dake Bible!

We have about 2,982 'Likes' on Facebook. When we reach 3,000, we'll be holding a Bible Giveaway. Share our Facebook link with your friends then message us on Facebook with the code BIBLE123 for verification of your participation.Click HERE to enter!
The NEWbiography of the author of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible!
The writings of Finis Jennings Dake have literally circled the world. His books God’s Plan for Man and Revelation Expounded have become standard reference works for Bible believers everywhere. It was Charisma and Christian Life magazine that called his monumental work, Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, “The Pentecostal Study Bible.” And yet, while Christians everywhere enjoy his writings, benefiting from his simple and literal approach to the Word of God, little is known about the man himself.
In this factual and moving account of Dake’s life story, Leon Bible walks us through the life of a man whose writings have had a tremendous impact on the church world of our day.
You can read part of the book in the Reading Room
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Free Bible Software For MacFree
Available NOW!
Our customers told us that the Dake Compact Bible was a great size to carry, but the text was just too small. The Large Print Dake Bible was easy to read, but too big to carry around. Now we're introducing the Dake Bible that is 'just right', the KJV (8.5 font size) Dake Annotated Reference Bible that is both easy to read and easy to carry!

Dake Bible App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle!

The Dake Annotated Reference Bible App is now available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices or Kindle! Want the look and feel of reading the Bible like its on your desk? This will give you the actual layout and real page turning affect like you are holding the printed copy in your hand. *Internet connection is required.
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Biblia de referencia Dake RVR60La Biblia con la mayor cantidad de herramientas de estudio bíblico disponible en español.

La Biblia de referencia Dake RVR60 es el resultado de una vida de estudio e investigación minuciosa. No existe una Biblia como esta en el mercado actual. En esencia esta Biblia ofrece un mayor número de recursos para el estudio personal que cualquier otra Biblia. Sin embargo, no es solamente el número de notas, referencias y encabezados lo que la distingue. Es lo que todos estos recursos pueden hacer por ti.
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Give to gift a Dake Bible to an inmate, Pastor or Missionary:

We receive letters and emails everyday requesting the donation of a Bible. With your tax deductible donation, we can help supply a Bible to an inmate, Pastor or Missionary that is unable to purchase a Dake Bible. Thank you very much for your help and support.
(Note: Items will be shipped directly to the person in need!) Your gifts are tax deductible.
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Dake YouTube Channel - Listen Now!

For many years, Finis Dake had a radio show during which he taught and responded to questions sent in from his listening audience. Many of these recordings haven't been heard since they were first aired over 40 years ago. There are over 500 audios and some videos.
Best of all, we'll be adding new recordings.
You can click HERE to go to our channel .

BibleShow is a software solution for presenting Holy Scripture verses on any video display device (monitor, projector, TV set, IWB) connected to a personal computer running Microsoft Windows operating system. The application is to be shared free of charge to any user, being developed with the aim to spread the Word of God (Bible) all over the.


E-sword For Mac

  1. Easyslides is a FREE Worship Projection Software designed for projecting lyrics and Bible texts, with a video projector, onto a large screen during Christian Worship. The current version is easislides 4.0.4 – click here to see the Main Features. The newer version Easyslides v5 will be released around mid-December 2020!
  2. BibleWorks 9 is the premier original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles for your computer, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more. BibleWorks comes with a highly-configurable user interface, designed to work the way you work.