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Our photos contain lots of cherished moments. However, most of us hardly bother to save them in different storage media or on the internet so that we have a backup copy in case the images stored in a particular media gets corrupted.

Many people store their precious photographs on their computer's hard disk drive. However, what can you do if you delete them by mistake, or if they get deleted due to hardware failure or virus infections? Do not worry as you can seek the help of several deleted photos recovery programs.

This article will cover some of the leading deleted picture recovery tools available along with their capabilities.

Caution! Stop adding new files to the hard disk drive of your computer or any other storage media if you want to recover deleted digital pictures. The pictures are still there in the media in which you stored them, but their information no longer exists in their `table of contents.'

The Simple Solution

FonePaw Android Data Recovery (Mac) is an anytime and anywhere application that responds instantly to data recovery requests from Android users who are using a Mac at the same time.

  1. Free Mac Android Data Recovery provides the must-have software for Mac users to recover the lost or deleted data like text messages, contacts, call logs, notes and more from Android phones/tablets and SD cards. With it, you don't need to worry about losing vital files any more.
  2. Android Data Recovery Software. 7-Data Recovery (now Disk Drill!) uses powerful new technology that will help you recover lost data from your Android device. This is made possible with our easy-to-use Android data recovery software. With the free data recovery software, you can retrieve data lost from your Android devices, regardless if they were lost due to corruption or accidental deletion.

Instead, download, install and run one of the programs reviewed below to recover deleted photos from your computer. Just select the one that meets your needs to recover all these photographs, taken on special occasions, and help you get back from the edge of disaster.

Nothing can be more devastating than searching for your precious pictures on your PC only to find the images deleted. Keep on reading to know how to recover them effortlessly. If you have an iPhone, you might wonder how to recover lost photos on iPhone.

Recovering Deleted Photos

Remember, some of the best software to recover deleted photos work for a single operating system. In contrast, others help you recover deleted photos from iPhone as well as from Android-based smartphones, the flashcard, USB stick, and memory card.

Quite a few of them, especially those made for recovering lost data from the Windows and Mac operating systems, are designed to retrieve deleted photos from your laptop and desktop.

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Most of us do not back up our cherished photographs onto other physical storage media such as memory cards, an external hard drive, or on online cloud-based storage sites. They provide us with an option to recover the images accidentally deleted from our computer's hard disk drive.

The good news is that we can use specialized software, which I shall be evaluating, to recover deleted photos not backed up on other storage platforms.

I recommend that you go through the details of the programs that help you to retrieve deleted pictures, select one that meets your needs, download it, install it on your storage device, and run the program to recover photos deleted without backup.

Keep on reading to find out how to recover deleted pictures from smartphones, tablets, as well as portable eBook reader devices such as Kindle Fire. Although there are quite a number of photo recovery software online, I have selected only the best ones in this photo recovery tool review for PCs as well as for smartphones.

Best Photo Recovery Software for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP


Stellar Photo Recovery is among the leading software that allows you to recover deleted photos quickly and efficiently. You can use it to recover images, videos, as well as music files. The best part is that this program restores pictures with their original name and a date-time stamp. As such, you can use it to recover deleted photos by date.

Recover Lost Photos from Even Corrupted and Encrypted Storage

Stellar is the best software to recover deleted photos if you remember the date on which you had saved them. It is so powerful that it can restore deleted images from corrupt, formatted, as well as encrypted storage media. It boasts of a simple and friendly user interface.

Support for All Popular Digital Cameras

You can depend on this software to recover deleted pictures and restore camera RAW image files shot from popular DSLR digital camera brands such as Olympus, Kodak, Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras.

You can also depend on it to recover deleted images shot by action and drone cameras like Phantom, Garmin, and GoPro.

Apart from Windows 10, it also supports older Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

It recovers pictures from trash even after emptying the recycle bin.

Can Get Back Files from Very Large Storage Media

The majority of programs that help in recovering deleted pictures do not work smoothly on media with a large storage capacity. However, this offering from Stellar allows recovering deleted images from storage media as huge as 6TB and more.

Preview And Recover All Types of Multimedia Files

It enables you to preview the discovered multimedia files in 3 different ways: file type, deleted list, and tree view.

Although this software comes with a comprehensive list of file types, it allows you to add new file headers, which are not in the list of supported files. It means that you can use it to retrieve deleted images irrespective of their file extensions.

If you still have any doubts, from this review, about the capabilities of ‘Stellar' for recovering photos, opt for a free download of this software to recover your deleted or lost photos. Install it, and scan your computer's HDD or other storage media to find deleted pictures.

However, you cannot use the free version to undelete pictures. You have to use a licensed version of the program for this job.


Stellar is currently offering a special discount on their software. You can now purchase a one year license of the “standard” version for $39.99, the “professional” version for $49.99, and the “premium” version for $69.99.

The “standard” version recovers deleted photos, videos, and audios. The “professional” version also repairs corrupted photos, while the “premium” version repairs corrupted videos too. Fortunately, this software is available for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.


Best Photo Recovery Software for Mac


Recoverit, by Wondershare, is, unarguably, the best program for recovery of deleted pictures from Mac based PCs.

Also, the vendor offers a Windows version of this deleted image recovery software, making it the best choice for people who have both Mac and Windows-based computers and are wondering how to get back deleted photos from their PCs.

Recoverit supports more than 1,000 file formats, making it one of the most powerful photo recovery programs for both Windows and Mac-based computers.

You can depend on it to restore images lost due to system crash or because of virus and malware attacks. It allows you to recover files from PDAs, pen drives, as well as from external storage devices.

Recovers Lost Photos Even After Formatting

You need not worry if you want to restore images lost after formatting the hard disk drive of your computer. It is one of the few photo recovery programs available that can recover files from lost or deleted partitions too.

Can Recover Deleted Photos Past 30 Days

Hence, you can depend on this program to recover photos deleted today and restore image files older than 30 days that, ordinarily, would have been termed to be unrecoverable.

Many users claim that they have successfully used Recoverit to recover photos deleted years ago. Purchase this powerful recovery software to restore deleted pictures and undelete images now.

Free Download of the Evaluation Version

Those searching for best photo recovery software for PC free download might consider downloading the evaluation version of Recoverit. The vendor offers a trial version that you can download for free to evaluate the powerful features of the program.

However, the free deleted photo recovery software version only allows you to view a list of the deleted photos. You have to purchase the paid version to unlock the software's amazing features.

Easy to Use

The software is easy to use. For example, if you want to recover files from emptied recycle bin, click on the “Recycle Bin Recovery” option and wait for a few seconds. The software will display all files, folders, and data deleted from the recycle bin.

Free Photo Recovery Software Mac

You can, similarly, recover deleted files by clicking on the “Deleted Files Recovery” tab. For all-round recovery of lost data, use the “All-Round Recovery” option.

The vendor offers three different versions for computers running on the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Versions for Mac:

• Essential: Costs $79.95 per year for use on a single Mac and offers unlimited file recovery.
• Standard: Costs $99.95 per year for use on a single Mac and offers unlimited file recovery plus Mac crash recovery.
• Advanced: Costs $119.95 per year for use on two Macs and offers endless file recovery and repair.

Versions for Windows:

• Essential: Costs $59.95 per year for use on a single Windows PC and offers unlimited file recovery.
• Standard: Costs $69.95 per year for use on a single Windows PC and offers PC crash recovery in addition to limitless file recovery.
• Advanced: Costs $79.95 per year for use on two Windows PCs and offers unlimited file recovery and repair.

Business And Educational License:

The vendor also offers a special business license for small and large businesses that require installation of the software on more than two computers.

Fill up the form on the vendor's website together with your details and select the type of license you want along with the number of computers on which you want to install the software. You will receive a quote via email soon.

Student Discount

Students can avail of a huge 30% discount through a special code. To avail of this offer, visit the vendor's website, click on the “educational license” link. On the following page, click on the “get code & open site” to open a popup window containing a registration form. You have to sign up through this page before you can proceed to avail of the discount.

Best Photo Recovery Software for iPhone

Thanks to decreasing data charges and the falling prices of smartphones, most of us depend on them to browse the web while on the move. We use them to save data as well. However, even though these devices use solid-state storage systems, they too are susceptible to data loss.

Nothing can be more devastating than losing most of the data on your smartphone, including precious images shot through its camera or being unable to recover deleted photos from email, especially if you deleted its associated email.

Typically, the mobile stores data on an SD card. Here are details of how to recover lost photos on the iPhone with the help of an amazing application, available for smartphones running on the Mac as well as the Android operating systems. It also acts as a photo backup software.


Recover deleted photos from your phone with the help of this amazing application. You can depend on this application, available in both free and paid versions, to recover deleted photos on your iPhone and also from your Android-based mobile.

Free Android Recovery Software For Mac

Download and install the app on your mobile phone, and you are ready to go. Launch the application and click on the “Data Recovery” icon to recover pictures from iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud backup, Android-based mobiles as well as SD card.

Easily Recover Lost Photos from iPhones And Android Devices

You can use it to recover lost images from the iPhone and the majority of popular Android mobile brands such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Qmobile, Huawei, Xiaomi, Redmi, OnePlus, Sony Xperia, ZTE, Nokia, and Motorola.

Dr.fone is also one of the best and free photo recovery software for SD cards. If this is not enough, you can back up the data of your phone onto your PC with this application and restore the data if it gets corrupted.

For the uninitiated, the recycle bin of Android-based smartphones works like the recycle bin of your Mac or Windows desktop computer. However, cleaning the recycle bin deletes the data forever… or does it?

Recover Deleted Pictures from SD Cards & Your Phone's Internal Memory

You can use this amazing application to recover videos, photos, contacts, and SMS from your Android device's external (SD card) and internal memory.

The iOS version of this app allows you to recover contacts, videos, photos, notes, messages, call logs, and much more. You can rely on it to recover deleted photos on your iOS device as well as recover data from iCloud, iTunes, and iPhone.

Free Android Recovery Software For Mac

The application is compatible with the latest iPhone XS (Max). It also supports XR.iOS.

Since the free version has limited functions, I would recommend you to purchase the full version. It contains several important tools, such as:

• Data recovery
• WhatsApp transfer
• Screen unlock
• Phone manager
• Phone transfer
• System repair
• Data eraser, and
• Phone backup

Plans for Android Mobiles:

• One year license for installation on up to five mobile devices and one PC costs $39.95
• Lifetime license for installation on up to five mobile devices and one PC costs $49.95
• One-year business license for installation on unlimited devices and one PC costs $399.00

Plans for iOS Mobiles:

• One year license for installation on up to five mobile devices and one PC costs $59.95
• Lifetime license for installation on up to five mobile devices and one PC costs $69.95
• One-year business license for installation on unlimited devices and one PC costs $399.00

Wondershare, the vendor, is offering a special discount for a limited number of days, Grab hold of this opportunity and purchase Dr.fone today.

Recovery software download for pc

Best Photo Recovery Software for Android


There may be many free videos and photo recovery software for your Android smartphone available. However, not all of them work as promised. You might end up losing your precious photos and videos forever by using such applications.

Also, such free applications might contain malware that could compromise the safety of your device. It is always preferable to depend on trusted applications such as UltData, a trusted program to recover deleted photos, for the job.

This awesome application, available for both Android and iOS devices, helps you to recover deleted data from your Android external storage as well as internal storage.

Recover Lost Photos Even from Unrooted Android Devices

Why risk installing unknown, free applications when you can purchase a lifetime version of this app for Android mobiles for less than $50 (less than $70 for Apple mobiles)?

You can use it to recover deleted photos from Android without rooting the device.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos

Use it to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and many other popular Android brands.

It also helps you to recover deleted photos from tablet devices from famous brands such as Moto Z, Huawei, and Samsung, etc.

You can review individual files so that you can recover only those that you need.

Plans for Android Mobiles:

• One month license for 1-5 devices and one PC costs $35.95
• An annual license for 1-5 devices and one PC costs $39.95
• Lifetime license for 1-5 devices and one PC costs $49.95 (free lifetime updates)
• A yearly license for 6-10 devices and one PC costs $52.95

Plans for iOS Mobiles:

• One month license for 1-5 devices and one Mac costs $45.95
• A yearly license for 1-5 devices and one Mac costs $49.95
• Lifetime license for 1-5 devices and one Mac costs $59.95 (free lifetime updates)
• An annual license for 6-10 devices and one Mac costs $62.95

The vendor is offering a 30-days money-back warranty, and the subscription includes free support. You can purchase it today.


iMyFone is an excellent photo recovery tool available for iOS-based smartphones and Android. The vendor, sometimes, offers a free giveaway and a massive discount on their app, such as when celebrating their anniversary.

Follow Very Simple Steps for Recovery

It is, perhaps, the easiest to use app available. You can recover your deleted photos and other data in three simple steps.

Recover Images from WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and More

You can use it to, selectively, recover notes, contact lists, messages, and photos from Line, Klik, WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp.

Use it to, manually, recover data from devices, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup or use its smart recovery module for the job.

Download and try the free version. I am sure you will be so impressed that you will purchase the app, which uses advanced R&D technology. When you buy the app, you also get support round the clock.

Plans for iPhone (Windows and Mac):

• One month plan costs $39.95 and is applicable for 1 iOS device
• The annual plan costs $49.95 and is applicable for 1 iOS device
• Lifetime plan costs $69.95 and is applicable for 5 iOS device (free lifetime updates)

Plans for Android (Windows):

* The Basic plan is for one year and costs $34.95 for 1 device

* The Family plan is for a lifetime and costs $44.95 for 2 to 5 devices

* The Multi-User plan is for a lifetime and costs $59.95 for 6 to 10 devices

The vendor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24x7x365 technical support. What are you waiting for? Buy it before the special offer ends.

Accidentally deleted some important data or files on your phone? That’s unfortunate, but don’t be sad or give up hope because there is still a chance to recover them.

Although Android phones do not have a recycle bin like Windows that can automatically store your deleted data, there are many powerful Android data recovery software and applications on the market available to solve data loss problems.Without further ado , let’s check the full list.

1.Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery


A powerful, user-friendly and easy-to-use data recovery software for Windows and Mac operating systems with precise algorithms and scanning technology, Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software supports recovery of multiple types of data, such as contacts, messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, WhatsApp and Viber chat history, etc. Whether your data is lost due to device rooting, accidental deletion, software crash, factory reset, virus attack, system upgrade or other reasons, you can easily restore them with this software. Here is how to use it:

Free Android Data Recovery Software For Mac

  • Step 1. To recover deleted files with this free Android data recovery software, you first need to download and install it in on your computer.
  • Step 2. Then run it and select the specific file types that you want to recover, and tap Next.
  • Step 3. Connect your phone to the computer and and let the program scan your phone memory and SD Card.
  • Step 4. After scanning, you can preview all the recoverable files and restore them at once.

2. Dr. Fone for Android

Dr.fone for Android is a well-known Android data recovery software. With it, you can recover deleted contacts, messages, audios, photos, videos, WhatsApp chats, call logs and documents from HTC, Samsung, Google, LG, Song, and other phones. It supports Windows as well as Mac computers. You need at least 200 MB of free hard disk space to download the software on your computer. It is also available as paid software with amazing features such as recovering voicemails, thumbnails, reminders, notes and attachments, Safari bookmarks, calendars and important dates, app videos, and voice memos.

3. Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

Jihosoft is a company dedicated to data recovery services, and its Android Phone Data Recovery software has a worldwide reputation. It allows users to easily recover deleted data from different Android phones. The built-in wizard will guide you through the entire recovery process in simple steps. To get started, you need to download the software and install it on either Windows or Mac computers. Next, connnet your Android phone the computer using a USB cord. (If the software isn’t able to discover the phone, you will have to enable USB debugging. Go to Settings > About Device > tap on Build Number five to seven times. It will activate Developer options. Turn on USB debugging and your phone will appear on the software windows.) After the software recognizes your phone, it will automatically scan and recovery lost files for you.

4. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

One of the best Android data recovery software in the market, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android offers free and pro versions. Like the name suggests, the free software offers limited features and you can only retrieve one photo, message, or contact at a time. When you purchase the Pro version, you will be able to restore an unlimited number of videos, photos, contacts, messages, and other files at once. You can download either of the versions on Windows or Mac OS computers.

The Android phone data recovery software also offers free unlimited upgrades and technical support. It is one of the fastest recovery software and can recover all data in just two minutes. EaseUS MobiSaver also provide iPhone Data Recovery function. Both versions support over 6,000 types of Android mobile phones.

5. iReparo for Android

A data recovery software for Android mobile ideal for professional use, iReparo for Android can directly scan and restore deleted data from Android phone memory without backup. The Android data recovery software is 100% safe to use and does not overwrite any existing data during the scanning and recovery process. After you recover deleted files using the software, you can also print WhatsApp and Viber chat history, SMS, contacts, and call log in HTML, CSV, or text formats. It supports Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

6. FonePaw Android Data Recovery

FonePaw is the latest but most potential Android file recovery software on the market. With this software, you can recover deleted photos, videos, audios, text messages, contacts, and call logs from Android phones and SD Card. It has a one-click data recovery mechanism and supports various data loss scenarios, such as OS Crash, Rom Flashing, Rooting Error, Accidental Deletion, and more. The software is faster than any other one on our list. It will protect all the existing data on your phone and nothing will get overwritten. You can download a free version of the software to check for missing documents and files. It offers two more features, which include Android data backup & restore and broken Android data extraction.

7. UltData for Android

UltData for Android is an Android data recovery tool offered by Tenorshare. It has the highest data recovery success rate and supports almost all kinds of Android tablets and phones. It is a paid data recovery software but you can first download the free trial version to check if you like it or not. It can recover any type of data from the Android device including photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages, and Whatsapp messages.

The data recovery process has never been so easy as the UltData for Android gets work done in just three easy, non-technical steps. You can preview files before recovery so that you can select what you want to retrieve and don’t.

8. 7-Data Recovery

Free File Recovery Mac

7-Data Recovery (now called Disk Drill) is a reliable Android data recovery software that compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Mac OS X. With it, you can quickly recover files that have been deleted, damaged and disappeared recently or a few days ago. The software can recover all types of photo formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. It has a huge database of file structures, including powerful pattern mappings that match file fragments to known patterns, increasing the possibility of getting photos and documents back. It can scan up to 500 MB of lost data at a time. After you recover it, you can run another scan until you completely recover all the files you want.

9. PhoneRescue

Iphone Recovery Software Mac

Recovering lost data is a complex technical task, but you can easily do it with PhoneRescue. With a clear interface and step-by-step wizard, even if you’re not a technician, you can quickly retrieve deleted messages, photos, contacts, and other important content in minutes, just as you’ve never deleted them.

PhoneRescue is regarded as a data savior for Android users. Its function is very powerful, and its supported devices cover SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, LG, Google and so on. With custom technology based on each specific phone and tablet, this free Android data recovery software ensures that you recover lost data and files with the highest success rate.

Free Android Data Recovery Software For Mac

10. MiniTool® Mobile Recovery for Android

MiniTool is a great Android data recovery software specially designed for users to recover lost, deleted or even corrupted data from Android phones, tablets and SD cards. The program is suitable for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and supports a variety of Android phones and tablets. With its 2 recovery options, users can not only recover text data like contacts, messages, call history and documents, but also retrieve photos, audios, and WhatsApp attachments. Regardless of what kind of data loss situation you encounter, you can always use this program to restore them as long as they are not overwritten by new data.


The above mentioned are our top ten best Android data recovery software, all of which have been professionally tested and screened, and you can rest assured to use them. By the way, although we can use tools to recover deleted or lost data, the best way to avoid data loss is to back them up regularly. If you have a backup of your phone data, everything would be much easier.

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