Download Idle Python Mac

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Download Idle Python Mac

Its worth spending a bit of time describing how to use IDLE. To most, this may not be immediately obvious.

Launch IDLE shell window

To start, we need to open the python shell window. This is the first window you see when you launch the IDLE application. If you haven’t already, drag the IDLE icon from your Launchpad down into the dock. This will ensure it is ever present whenever you wish to launch.

Open editor window


There are now newer bugfix releases of Python 3.7 that supersede 3.7.0 and Python 3.8 is now the latest feature release of Python 3.Get the latest releases of 3.7.x and 3.8.x here.We plan to continue to provide bugfix releases for 3.7.x until mid 2020 and security fixes until mid 2023. Among the major new features in Python 3.7 are.

From the shell window, you need to open an editor window. The editor window is where we will write python code. From the IDLE menu bar (click on the shell window to ensure the menu bar is IDLE specific) click File, New File. This will open a new window called “Untitled”

  1. Jun 11, 2016 This video shows how to use Python IDLE on Mac OS X in interactive mode as well as to create python programs that can be saved to disk and run.
  2. How to run a Python script¶. Your best way to get started with Python on Mac OS X is through the IDLE integrated development environment, see section The IDE and use the Help menu when the IDE is running.

Save File

Its probably a good idea to save the editor window file at this point. This will ensure your code can be saved as you work on it, and it can be retrieved at a later point. From the menu bar, click File, Save As. Each Python file name will have a .py extension. This is provided by default when you name your file.

Write some code

I wanted to prove that my set up worked so I entered some code in the editor window. I wrote a hello world program using the code below. Click File, Save on the IDLE menu when this code has been written in the editor window.


Run program

Executing the code returns (prints) the string values (within quotation marks) stored inside brackets to the python shell window. On the IDLE menu bar click Run, Run Module. This returns the output shown below to the shell window.


Code written and successfully returned to the shell window! To follow on from my previous post, rubber has in fact hit the road. I now have a set up that works and the tools that I need to start learning Python.

Sidenote – The website has a a comprehensive guide on using IDLE which goes well beyond this post. For more detail, this is a great place to look.

Download Idle Python Mac

In this article, we will explain “How to Update Python on Mac?”. Updating Python on your MacBook Pro or iMac can be a tedious process. You need knowledge of terminal on macOS which is different from Windows cmd.exe. Here is a detailed article on how to upgrade Python on your mac.

Python is a popular programming language that is widely used by developers. Modern versions of macOS support Python 2.7.x (or Python 2.6.1 in older versions), but many users need to upgrade to Python 3.6 or 3.7.

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Here are different methods to Update Python on your Mac


One can install Python without using the terminal on MacBook Air or Mac. For this, you need to download the Python installer from the website. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit and download the latest available Python 3 installer file.
  • Run the downloaded file and install Python 3.x on your macOS.
  • After completing the installation process, Python 3 will be installed.
  • You can see the Python3 folder in /Applications on your Mac. You can also see IDLE in the /Applications.

How to Install Python with Homebrew

Before proceeding installation with Homebrew, it should be installed on your MacBook Pro. If you don’t have Homebrew on your system, you can download it from here. This script installs Homebrew to /user/local so that you don’t need “sudo” when you brew install.

To install python via HomeBrew, Follow these steps below:

Run the following command in Terminal:

When Python 3 is installed on your Mac, you can start the program with:

How to Know the Installed Version of Python

Tkinter Download For Windows 10

Open the Terminal on your macOS by typing terminal in Spotlight Search. Then use the following command:

In most cases, Python 2.7.x will be installed on macOS. After installing Python update, you can check the version with the following command:

Idle Download

Note: Just a reminder, you don’t need to remove Python 2.x or update it from 2.x to 3 in your macOS. You just install the updated version, both versions of Python can coexist without any error. These are the most simple techniques to “How to Update Python on Mac?”.

Download Idle Python Mac Download

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