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How To Download Google Play Store App On Mac

You might have been confused why you need to download an app for Android to a Windows 10 and Mac computer. Well, there are some reasons that people would want to do this. So, if you are also looking forward to try this on your own, then here are some easy steps that will surely help you out.

Download Google Play Music App For Mac

The expansion of Google’s beta project has allowed Android apps to run on OS X, Linux, and Windows platform. This was an early experiment that was primarily designed for developers. Today is your lucky day because you can now download an APK file of an Android app and launch it to a Linux, Mac, or Windows PC, or even a Chromebook.


You just need to download ARC Welder and keep the APK from the Google Play Store. The only limitation is that only a single app can be loaded at a time, and you must choose whether portrait or landscape layout to run on your tablet or phone.

Download Google Play For Mac

Google play on mac

The ARC Welder is based on the Android 4.4 platform, which means that lots of standalone apps are immediately compatible. Such would include Candy Crush Soda, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Flipboard, among other stuff.

Google play on mac

However, there are apps that couldn’t handle mouse input properly, which is normal for apps that aren’t optimized for this purpose. With this plan of Google, Microsoft is also building Windows 10 and the use of universal apps across different platforms. In fact, Google is also turning Android to become a universal app platform.

Google Apps On Mac


Google Play App For Mac

Google has also built its way into Windows 8 with its Chrome OS. With its newest Android experiment, Google has brought its platform closer to a Microsoft-dominated PC market. So, developers are now able to run Android apps on tablets, PCs, Macs, phones, Chromebooks, and even on Linux-powered devices.