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Mi Cloud is a great feature included on each and every Xiaomi Android phones and tablets. It lets users to sync your data across multiple mi devices and there will be secure data storage on cloud. With Mi Cloud you can easily access important stuff like photos, contacts, messages, recording, notes, and more by just logging into your MI account with valid username and password. It offers a maximum of 5 GB of free storage and additional storage might cost a bit.

Extend the available space on your Mac with up to 2 TB. Use your files in the cloud as if they are saved locally, but without taking hard disk space. Requires OS X 10.9 or later. Learn how to download and install the Creative Cloud desktop app. Learn how you can manage your apps and services with the Creative Cloud desktop app. Go to the Creative Cloud website.

  1. Meanwhile you will received the instant push message via 'CloudEdge' alarm system once the motion detected, so you can do accordingly for the safety protection measures.Your family and enterprise be with you, wherever you are.The main function: 1. Real video playing 2. Playback image checking 3. Time & message reminding 4. Share the video image.
  2. If you still need to use WD My Cloud Desktop app on Windows or macOS system, you can still download WD My Cloud Desktop app directly from, as the download links to WD My Cloud Desktop are still live, even though most of the references to them have been cleaned up.

For better experience, here we have Mi Cloud desktop app which lets MIUI users to easily manage all their photos and organize them in a systematic manner right away from laptops or PCs. Not only photos, other contents like Mi recordings, messages, notes, videos, and find device can also be accessed from Mi Cloud desktop application. Also how to create Xiaomi & Mi Cloud account

The following is the guide to manage your photos on Windows, Mac using Mi Cloud Desktop app

How to use the Mi Cloud desktop app to manage your photos on PC:

Download Cloud App Mac

Download Adobe Creative Cloud App Mac

Method 1: Directly through Web (Chrome)

To get started, you need to go to the Mi Cloud Desktop app. Now login to the account by entering correct username and password.

Now you will see the following screen from where you can easily access contacts, messages, gallery, and much more.

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In order to manage you photos, go to Gallery where you can get access to all your photos and albums.

You can also download photos from Mi Cloud to your Windows/Mac PC easily. After selecting the photos, you will see many options like download, photo info and delete. You need to tap on “Download” to download the photo on your laptop.

Method 2: By downloading Mi Cloud app

This is the another way to manage Mi photos by simply downloading and installing the Mi Cloud application on your computer. Once installed, like the about step you need to login with valid details and choose any one option from Download or Upload to continue. If you tap on download, you need to select the destination folder on your PC where your downloads are to be saved. Similarly you can upload pictures by choosing ‘Upload’.

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