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The program's installer is commonly called Detox My PC Basic.exe. Our antivirus check shows that this download is safe. The following version: 1.0 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users. The software relates to System Utilities. The actual developer of the free. Detox My Mac is one of the most advanced, comprehensive and powerful Mac cleaning applications. With just a few clicks you can Detox your entire Mac, leaving it faster, cleaner and more responsive. So on a Mac with a 250GB drive, say, you can expect to store well under 200GB of your own data before hitting the buffers. A full hard disk has a number of consequences.

Along with the advancement of technology , the Mac ( Macintosh ) made ​​by the company Apple Computer , began to win the hearts and notebook computer users , in which Max OS X ( Unix based ) with an operating system that uses the BSD kernel , and the beauty of the zoom makes a role model for other desktop development . From notebooks to desktoop packed with the latest technology , advanced features and strong security to support business productivity .
The following advantages and benefits in a claim Mac :
Amazing hardware , build to perform, Mac line-up has everything a business needs , support battery power and with Mac OS X Mavericks , sophisticated operating systems :
  • Great performance , every Mac made ​​with innovative components with smooth graphics , great shelf life and good performance , fast Intel processors , high performance graphics and high-speed DDR3 memory;
  • Integrated , in which hardware and software can run smoothly , trakpad super responsive , multi - touch natural , energy-saving;
  • Easy and intuitive , easy to operate.
Advanced OS , the power to the desktop, OS X is a unified operating system that is designed to :
  • Productivity , efficiency of operation with the use of tags and mission control
  • Security , OS X Mavericks built on a rock-solid UNIX , Gatekeeper , File Vault data security using strong encryption and sandboxing .
  • Works with Windows , using Migration Assistant , Boot camp 3 and can support Microsoft Exchange servers
Apps made ​​for business , productivity in very Mac, OS X Mavericks have a lot of applications that support the business needs to be more productive:
  • Powerful applications , send emails and messages , organize schedules and contacts , reminders , web browsing , video calls and bac - up automatically including pages, numbers and keynote .
  • Collaboration , the iWork suite makes sharing and collaboration pages, numbers and keynote .
  • Full support of the Mac App Store , installing and updating applications and all need support.
All these advantages can be maintained by keeping its performance , specifically desktop and notebook Mac users can get the system ' Detoc My MAC ' ( multi - award winning application greately proven to improve Mac OS X ) in which the system is built to Clean Up , Speed ​​Up & Optimize performance OS X , with some feature benefits :
  • Application Detox Leftovers , Drastically speed up Mac performance , by removing leftover files , folders and settings from previously removed apps and regulated ;
  • Detox Unused Languages, delete unused language files , so it becomes a free disk space ;
  • Detox Trashes & Downloads , free up space by deleting junk files and download folders for applications and systems ;
  • Detox Cache Files , thorough scan and delete the file cache to help speed up and optimize the system ;
  • Detox History & Archives , delete the browser history files and applications
  • Detox Logs , Reports & more , organize and report logs , unneeded files

Detox Application Leftovers

Drastically speed up your Mac by removing leftover files, settings and folders from previously uninstalled and moved applications.

Detox Unused Languages

Remove unused language files for applications and your system Mac, helping free up masses of disk space.

Detox Trashes & Downloads

Free up space by blasting all unnecessary files left in the trash can and downloads folders for multiple apps and systems.

Detox Cache Files

Scan every inch of your Mac and remove cache files safely to help speed up and optimize your system.

Detox History & Archives

Speed up and clean up your Mac by deleting unused history files for browsers and applications.

Detox Logs, Reports & more

Blast through all your Mac's log and report files that are not needed, and will take up vast amounts of disk space

And more enjoyable to use! I keep it clean and organized with weekly detoxes using DetoxMyMac. Their 2-step cleaning process is super easy.
'What An Incredible App!
I've tried other cleaners - but nothing compares to the after-effect DetoxMyMac gives in terms of speed of application running and the amount of disk space it frees up.
- Rachel Whittaker - Florida, USA
After putting up with a slow computer that took minutes to process just one click - I decided to try some cleaning software. DetoxMyMac was clearly the best choice. Now my computer is super-fast and feels brand new! - Thank you!'
That even my Grandparents who are totally computer-iliterate have found itno problem whatsoever to use. I recommended it to them to ensure they are keeping their computer in the best condition possible.
I wish detoxing my body was this satisfying! Thank you for this wonderful application - I have it as part of my 'maintanance routine' and I can't go without it now!

Detox My Mac free full. download Version

As a final resort - I tried many MacBook cleaners before buying a new MacBook. DetoxMyMac was the only one to make my Mac clean and fastenough to use again! Thank you so much!

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