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If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber chances are that you have been experiencing problems with updating the Creative Cloud Desktop client.

Every now and then a new updated version is available and while it should be as easy as 1-2-3 to update that is hardly ever the case. At my office we have 5 computers with Creative Cloud subscriptions and never once have we been able to update the Creative Cloud Desktop client without problems.

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The best part of it is the error message:

A not so useful error message…Creative cloud client download mac high sierra

The Adobe Creative Cloud licenses allow users to download the most current software packages and work across devices. Full time employees are allowed 2 active devices. To install Adobe applications in campus computer labs or classrooms, please contact OU IT by calling 325-HELP (4357) during normal business hours or click Contact Us below to.

We’ve encountered the following issues: Creative Cloud desktop failed to install.“. Seriously? Why did it fail? What should I do to fix it?

I’ve tried rebooting, killing irrelevant processes, running Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool (which requires you uninstall ALL CC applications and subsequently installing them again wasting hours), changing registry records, deleting the AAMUpdater file, renaming the OOBE folder and just about anything else I could read on the net.

Creative Cloud Mac Os

Sometimes it worked on some of the computers but never on all of them. The funny thing is that all 5 computers are the same make and brand, running the same OS, installed on the same day and all running the same applications. So why would it work on two of the computer but not the remaining three. Beats me..

Solution to the Creative Cloud Desktop failed to install problem:

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Anyways I have found a solution that has worked consistently on all five computers for the last two updates. Whenever a Creative Cloud update is available I always try and install it normally first just to see if the problem is fixed (which it isn’t). When that fails we reboot the computer and start it up in Safe Mode with Networking. Then I open the Creative Cloud application from the program list and it updates without any problems what so ever. Once it’s done just reboot your computer again and your Creative Cloud Desktop is updated without any problems.

Creative Cloud Download Mac

The above trick worked for me when Creative Cloud was giving me the “We’ve encountered the following issues: Creative Cloud desktop failed to install” error message. If you are getting other error messages which contains actual error codes such as “A12E1” or “Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7” then the above mentioned approach might not work.

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