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Download Clickfree Automatic Backup free. The award winning Clickfree Automatic Backup software for PC's is now available. The Clickfree is a short USB cable, about 10 inches overall, meant to plug in between your PC and any USB hard drive or memory key. It looks like a memory key with an extension cable permanently.

Hi !

I have a new MacBook Pro and I would like to use my ClickFree Automatic Backup disc (HD10373) with it. I already use the HD10373 with my PC. The manufacturer says that I can use the external backup disk with both my Mac and my PC at the same time. It also says that when connecting the HD10373 to my Mac, a window is supposed to appear that would let me use the disk.

No window is appearing. When I look to the informations in the console, here is what I get :

2012-12-29 07:56:25,210 mdworker[2714]: Unable to talk to lsboxd


2012-12-29 07:56:25,216 mdworker[2712]: Unable to talk to lsboxd

2012-12-29 07:56:25,229 mdworker[2713]: Unable to talk to lsboxd

2012-12-29 07:56:25,315 sandboxd[2716]: ([2714]) mdworker(2714) deny mach-lookup

2012-12-29 07:56:25,323 sandboxd[2716]: ([2712]) mdworker(2712) deny mach-lookup

2012-12-29 07:56:25,332 sandboxd[2716]: ([2713]) mdworker(2713) deny mach-lookup

2012-12-29 07:56:25,000 kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(2716) deny mach-lookup

I checked everything. The cable is OK, the HD is working with my PC. Anyone has a clue to solve that ?

Many thanks !

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MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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