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  • The aim of ClamXav in this new environment is basically the same as the previous one: to control the malware or, more specifically, to control malware do not reach Mac while surfing the net, downloading files or opening an email. And, even if the options are very few, if something seeping the equipment, it detects the problem before it causes.
  • Download ClamXav Free Virus-Checker for Mac OS X (2.0.4 Beta) Uses a slightly modified version of the ClamAV open source anti-virus engine as a back-end Nov 9, 2009 14:27 GMT By Filip Truta.
  • Clamxav free download - ClamXav, Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner, and many more programs.
  • Times are changing, and ClamXav is one of many antivirus programs aimed specifically at Mac users. It's free, and it's built around ClamAV, so it has the support of a well established open source community. ClamXav is designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive.

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ClamXav is a free antivirus solution based on the Open Source engine, ClamAV.
Even though Mac OS X is considered a secure operating system from the viruses that actively attack the system point of view, the users shouldn't enjoy the 'status quo'. The thing is, there are certain situations when a Windows virus can attack a Mac OS installation or an unwanted program can do that too in certain situations.
The antivirus isn't running as a real-time on-access scanner, so you need to scan your files manually. You have on the application's interface a drop zone where you can drag-and-drop the folder or the file you want to scan. With this program you can scan e-mail files too in order to reduce the risk of infection.
A nice setting is the possibility to set a 'Folder Sentry' list. All the folders from this list is going to be watched by ClamXav. You can enable from the same panel the possibility to scan the inserted disks or the startup setting for this application.
Clamxav Download Free MacThe scheduler is well structured and basically it can do several main jobs. The first job is the scheduled scan. The second one is the schedule update. Both jobs are working seamlessly, depending on your predefined settings.
Usually the virus database is updated daily. This thing depends on the producer though but usually you can see every day a 'Downloading daily.cvd' action within this antivirus.

Clamxav Download Free Mac Downloads

Pluses: It is a free application that can keep you safe from unwanted applications.
Drawbacks / flaws: it doesn't has a real-time on-access scanner so you have to be careful with every new and suspicious item.

Clamxav 3

In conclusion: if you don't like spending a lot of money for a fancy commercial antivirus and you would like though to have the security feeling, then try this tool.

Clamxav Download Free Mac No Steam

version reviewed: 1.0.4