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Fixed mod's drops from Moon Lord with Calamity mod active. This related to Reversity Coins, Torn Note, Paper Tube and National Ugandan Treasure.-Buffed all legendary weapons.-Buffed some EGO weapons (In the name of Love and Hate).-Added Simulation Control Unit to Operator's EGO shop. Allows to control weather (rain, blizzard, sandstorm) and time. How to install terraria calamity mod on mac Welcome to the Kunena forum! Tell us and our members who you are, what you like and why you became a member of this site. After that, the file of this Mod will be downloaded. After downloading, open the file and extract all the data in a new folder. Click the.exe file, and after that, the application will start installing. After some seconds, the Game will download. MacでTerrariaを日本語化する方法 前置き.

This page describes software not developed by Re-Logic. Software listed on this page has not been tested and is not endorsed by Terraria Wiki, Gamepedia, Fandom, Re-Logic, or their respective employees. Use it at your own risk. By downloading any third party software, you acknowledge that you cannot hold anyone responsible for any adverse effects to your devices, your game, or your online accounts.

An inventory editor is a third-party program that allows adding or removing items from the inventory of a local character, and in many cases, edit other character data.

Inventory editors are primarily designed for the Desktop version of Terraria. It is strongly advised to back up the character files before proceeding to use any kind of inventory editor.

Terrasavr[editedit source]

Compatible withTerraria1.4.1.1
PlatformAll (web-based)
Link to the site
(alternate link)

Terrasavr is an inventory and character editor in a web-based app which includes a user-friendly interface. It is completely safe to use, since it does not interact with the files in the local Terraria directory in any way. Note that when saving a character file, it will have to be renamed to <name of choice>.plr to be used in-game.

This inventory editor can also be used on Mobile devices since the update. The character files should be located in:

  • /sdcard/Android/data/com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid/Playersor/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid/Players.
  • Browse > On My (device) > Terraria > Players.

One might want to use the editor in landscape mode on Mobile so that interface elements are not chopped up.

WinTerrEdit[editedit source]

Latest version1.10.4
Compatible withTerraria1.4.1.1

WinTerrEdit is a Windows-based inventory and character editor. It works as a standalone executable without any dependencies. It was tested mostly on Terraria versions after Journey's End, but works on versions as far back as

The editor supports editing the character's details, inventory, Piggy Bank, Safe, and some miscellaneous items.

The source code can be found on the official GitHub page.

Terraria InvEdit[editedit source]

Terraria InvEdit
Latest version7.0.0
Compatible withTerraria1.3.5.3

Terraria InvEdit is a Windows-based inventory and character editor, designed to be compatible with Steam. The author appears to have abandoned it.[1]

The source code of the application was released to the public and can be used to update the editor to work with newer versions of Terraria, should someone wish to pick it up.


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