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Visit my website: follow me on instagram: roskincbmw purchase the coding cable i use in this video: Rename your original INPA folder if you wish to keep it or delete the folder. Rename the INPAFxxv.2 folder to INPA. Copy the EDIABAS folder from the download into the same location as your existing EDIABAS folder, selecting 'Yes to All' to overwrite any existing files of the same name. Your INPA will now work with Fxx.

BMW engineering and development diagnostic software can project powerful functions for both old and new BMW series, like E39, E60, E65 etc, CANBUS modelE60, E65 and old vehicle models, like E39.
Following are some of the most significant functions of INPA EDIABAS:
Basic diagnostic (read/clear fault codes)
Read parameters of real time
Reads the content of the computer memory
Coding of the ECU
Activation of the actuations
Conformity check codes VIN and mileage car in various computer memory;
Identify different computer systems
OBD Toolhere offers BMW INPA EDIABAS (full package including: E-sys, WinKFP, NCS-Expert etc diagnostic software.) free download. software.
Computer configuration:
Windows XP SP2/SP3 O/S
Hard disk: at least 20 GB free space
512 MB RAM
InpaBmwBmw inpa download and install
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Bmw Inpa Download Mac

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