Best Free Financial Software For Mac

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In areas like corporate finance, investment banking, and accounting, people are always looking for new ways to make different financial models that are easy to understand and very informative. A software used for financial modeling can be used for this purpose as it helps the users to make multi-dimensional models very easily and quickly. The most financial modeling software are very easy to use and many different types are available based on what your requirements are.

Best Free Financial Software For Mac
  • TradingView (Free) TradingView is an amazingly powerful yet easy to use community driven stock.
  • Using this Financial Management Software For Mac has many benefits prepares the budget on your behalf, pay online bills, imports data from financial institutions to keep track of your investments and savings and their current market value. 10 Personal Finance Management Software 1. Moneydance is a leading Personal Finance Management.
  • Mint is a free online budget planner from Intuit, the makers of TurboTax and Quickbooks.
  • The best accounting software for Mac users is Freshbooks, a solution that streamlines invoicing and billing processes. It works nicely on mobile devices and Mac or Windows computers, covering a wide array of advanced accounting features, such as time tracking, expense monitoring, project management, and financial reporting.

First on our list of 20 best accounting software for Mac is FreshBooks, a popular.


Financial Modeling Software

This premium software can be used by all the people who are involved in the financial aspects for obtaining solutions like risk management, optimizing opportunities, etc., very efficiently.

Best Free Financial Software For Mac

Maplesoft Solutions

This premium software can be used for the real-time gathering of data and connectivity to create models that can be simulated and developed for generating high-quality reports. It enables high-performance computing and creates advanced models.

Financial Modeling

This premium software can be used by accountants and other people in the finance department to create multi-year business financial plans and do all the various calculations like gross margin, etc., easily.

Exl-Plan for Windows

This premium Windows software has trial versions for creating a range of business plans for preparing comprehensive financial projections which could include cash flow forecasts and strategic & corporate planning.

My Budget Book for Android

This Android app can be bought for a price to keep track of all your expenses and income which will help you manage your money better. The statistics can be visualized better on graphs and photos of receipts can be added.

Macabacus for Mac

This premium Mac software has many features like advanced formula auditing, charting tools, power modeling tools, enterprise development, etc. It is easy to navigate and has many templates that can be used.

Most Popular Software – Modano

This popular software can be used for creating financial models by small businesses, financial modeling students and education providers. It enables team collaboration and sharing options so that the models can be created and shared. You can also see Financial Statement Software

How to install Financial Modeling Software?

Best Free Personal Finance Software For Mac 2019

Before installing the software it has to be bought from the manufacturer or downloaded. The version has to be checked and then the zip files can be opened. After unzipping the .exe file, all the necessary information to install the software will be provided in the README.TXT which can be used to uninstall the software too. The file has to be run and the appropriate platform should be chosen.

These software used for financial modeling can be used for creating advanced financial models using statistical modeling tools. It has powerful symbolic and numeric solvers that can be used to calculate operating costs, labor costs and other such details which will help in strategic planning.

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Finding the right productivity software can be problematic, for Macs there is a seemingly endless choice for any task you may want to perform and your accounting and financial needs are no different. Here we will look at the best financial and accounting software for mac available for keeping track of your finances.


Part 1. The 5 Best Accounting and Financial Apps for Mac

#1. QuickBooks for Mac

Perhaps the most recognized name in the business, Intuit QuickBooks has everything you could need to keep your business accounts organized on your Mac. It is presented in a simple to understand interface and offers invoice creation and sales tracking, and for freelancers has built in time billing facilities and you can even tie expenses to individual jobs to keep all project costs organized. With integration into iCal and your address book and other contacts it fits into the OS X ecosystem seamlessly allowing you to enjoy the comprehensive feature set and the benefits of the Mac environment simultaneously.

Editing Softwares For Mac Free

#2. iFinance

A wonderful personal finance package that has a wealth of features, but notably excels in two areas, transaction tracking and stock reporting. Transaction reporting is particularly comprehensive and includes the ability to track all kinds of expenditure including recurring and transfers, reports for all transactions and even attach media files to those transactions, so you can attach a picture of an object with the transaction details, great for insurance purposes. Also found are some great budgeting tools, you can set the period to weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual. It includes limited integration with certain online banking systems and also includes a mobile app that syncs with the many software and allows you to add transactions wherever you are. The final stand out feature is the investment tracking, it can load stock prices daily and create charts to instantly see the current value of any included investments, presenting a great solution for keeping a clear idea of the state of your investments.

#3. Moneydance

Best Mac Personal Finance Software

Moneydance has a comprehensive feature set and has the ability to connect directly to hundreds of different financial institutions to let you make the very most of your online banking facilities, and allows you to create reports and keep track with a level of automation that other packages cannot match. There are mobile apps to accompany the software, allowing you to keep updated wherever you are with automatic syncing to the main software when it is convenient. It includes sections for your accounts, transactions and investments, whilst also including a full reporting section with the ability to create charts of all your data for easy consumption. The interface is clear and well designed, followed by the overall workflow which is very simple to follow, a thoroughly well designed financial package.

Free Office Software For Mac

#4. MoneyWell

Best Office Software For Mac

MoneyWell is a financial planning package that aims to help you reduce debt and reduce the stress of making sure you have the funds for various payments when times are tough. It uses an event based budgeting system, and brings the old envelope-budgeting system into the digital age, assigning parts of your income to expected payments and expenses. It also includes the usual money and transaction tracking features, the ability to follow investment performance and the software features support for multiple currencies and its own app for your mobile to enable you to keep up to date when away from your computer. This package has a unique interface, and uses graphical ‘buckets’ to illustrate cash flow very intuitively, a great package for anyone looking for assistance with budgeting to manage debt.

Best Free Personal Financial Software For Mac

#5. iBank

This is a personal finance package that hides its many features behind an incredibly easy to use and understand interface and workflow, making it a great choice for anyone new to the concept of financial software. It includes its own browser that makes visiting online accounts a more integrated process, and does include the facility to connect directly with many banks to automate the process for you. Featuring comprehensive reporting, budgeting, investment tracking and a clear indication of your financial health in the home screen giving at a glance guidance, it has much to offer and provides a very welcome change from the over complication that can be found in many such packages.

Part 2. Comparison of Recommended Mac Accounting and Mac Financial Software

Best Free Financial Software For Mac To Replace Quicken


QuickBooks for Mac





Main Usage

Professional Business Accounts Personal Finance Personal Finance Debt Reduction Personal Finance

OS Support

OS X 10.9 and above OS X 10.5.8 and above OS X 10.6 and above OS X 10.6 and above OS X 10.8 and above

Unique Feature

Professional Standard Investment Tracking Online Features Debt Budgeting Ease of Use

Mobile App

iOS Only, $1.99

iOS and Android

iOS Only

iOS Only

Full 24/7 Support

--- --- --- ---

Cost (US $)

$249.95 $29.95 $49.95 $49.99 $19.99