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  1. The £5/$8 per month plan features the same easy-to-use web-building software as the free tier, but adds the ability to sell 10 products on the site, with Weebly taking a 3 percent transaction fee.
  2. The best web design software will make it simple to build the website you need, either by using a drag-and-drop editor where you can combine different elements easily without coding, or else a.
  3. Blocs' support for responsive design also leaves competitors eating its dust. Design a page for the desktop, and with one click you can see what it'll look like on tablets or phones, too. You can change elements of the design to improve its readability in one view without affecting how it'll look in the others.

I have been using Sandvox since 2014. I migrated from iWeb. It does not have an exciting bunch of templates, but for what I do, it is satisfactory. That is until recently. I want to do a clean instal of Mojave and wrote to Sandvox to ask if I need to be careful of anything. I seem to have misplaced my key, so I wanted to get that as well.
I’ve written to them twice with their on-site email service. They say they will return with advice within business day. I wrote on Dec. 1, 2017 and now it is Dec. 7, 2017. I don’t dare do my clean instal until I hear from them for fear that I’ll lose the application and won’t be able to update my website. Something I do every week.
I’ve seen a few similar comments by others in their forum pages.
The Karilia website (Karilia is the software company that developed Sandvox) looks like it is a live product with lots of support. However, I’m now nervous that they’re not there anymore or in serious trouble (money or resources). I’ve never used RapidWeaver, but when I looked at their tutorials I have to agree with what I’ve seen written here and in other places. That is to say, OK when you’re done, but a tremendous pain to get there.

I’m stymied. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll keep bugging Karilia for a bit longer and, if no response, I’ll have to move to any application. This is a whole bunch of man-hours that I really didn’t want to have to do right now.

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We’ve found some standout Mac and cloud-based CAD platforms for you. You’re likely to hit a wall if you’re searching for computer-aided design (CAD) software designed for Mac. There are plenty of CAD software options for Windows—you’ll see many of them in our list of the top AutoCAD alternatives—but only a handful offer support for Mac.