Arduino Software Download Mac

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Finally, select the driver file named 'FTDI USB Drivers', located in the 'Drivers' folder of the Arduino Software download. Note: the FTDI USB Drivers are from Arduino. But when you install drivers for other Controllers, such as Xadow Main Board, Seeeduino Clio, Seeeduino Lite, you need to download corresponding driver file and save it.

In order to control an Arduino board using RoboBlockly, additional software must be installed on the computer. For Windows and MacOS machines, Barobo provides the necessary 'ChDuino' software as part of its free 'Linkbot Labs' software download, available at (For Chromebooks, an 'Arduino Controller' extension is available at the same site.)

Arduino Programing Resources. Download Arduino IDE Software - Available for Windows, Mac & Linux The Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) enables you to modify the robotic arm control example source code (copy and paste code from the MeCon resources window) or write your own code and then download it to your Robotio controller or other Arduino compatible micro-controller. The open-source Arduino environment makes it easy to write code and upload it to the I/O board. Download Review Comments Questions & Answers Download the latest version from Mac Informer. Arduino Simulator is a software solution that can give you a helping hand when you want to start working on this type of micro-controller boards. Hassle-free installation and deployment.

After you have downloaded and installed the software, ChDuino should appear in your list of applications. (The “Ch” indicates that the software uses the C programming language, via the Ch interpreter, to program the Arduino.) Its icon looks like this:

When you open ChDuino, you should see a graphical user interface similar to the one shown below:

It gives a visual representation of the various pins on the Arduino board, and allows us direct control of the input and output pins on the board. You can view the analog voltage values read by the A0-A5 ports on the left side, can view digital input values, and can control the digital output values.

The next step is to connect the Arduino to the computer via a USB cable, if not already done. (See the relevant RoboBlockly lesson for the setup instructions.) Once the physical connection is made, and the ChDuino software is open, make sure that the “USB” checkbox at the top left of the ChDuino interface is checked (and Bluetooth unchecked). Then click the “Scan” button at the top left, and it will scan for a connected Arduino board. Yours should appear in the message area in the middle left, as shown in below, with a red dot next to it (it may appear without you having to click 'Scan'):

The red dot indicates that the Arduino is physically connected but not yet connected via the software. The COM port where the Arduino is connected may also be listed. (It’s possible to have multiple Arduinos connected to the same computer.)

To complete the connection click the “Connect” button at the top left. The red dot should turn to green:

In addition, fluctuating numbers should appear in the Analog pin section of the ChDuino interface, and you should see a blinking light on the Arduino. This all indicates that the Arduino is properly connected and ready for use.


Sometimes the connection will be lost, as indicated by the absence of the blinking lights on the Arduino, the static nature of the analog pin values in ChDuino, and/or the green dot turning to red. If that’s the case, simply click the “Connect” button to reconnect.

Arduino Software Download Mac

If, when you click the “Connect” button, the red dot turns to green but there’s also a message along the lines of “Check connection or update firmware,” click the message. A small window should open with a button that allows you to update the firmware on the Arduino board:

It usually only takes a few seconds, and then you’re ready to go. (Firmware is the computer code stored on the Arduino that runs the board. When new features are added, or software bugs fixed, a new version of the firmware must be uploaded and stored in the Arduino board.)

MeCon Ver 1.5 Notes:

New MeCon3 is now Available! see top of page.

Due to problems with Google Drive MeCon is now download-able from our Robot Shop site. This requires that you first put the software into a shopping cart and then checkout. there will be no charge and you will be sent a link to your email. Sorry for the inconvenience of this extra step.

MeCon Version 1.4

Incorporated all of previous dev releases. Added pause and rewind buttons for motion path playback. Edited some text and labels to improve usability. Disabled old 'config' comport settings. Fixed missing line bug with looped playback option.

New Features in MeCon D_1.3

Arduino Ide Download For Mac

ROBOTIO NANO Controller wiring diagrams added.

Run motion path files from Arduino Memory (SRAM) with new Array sketch code generator, allows running motion file without being connected to MeCon on your computer.

Arduino Software For Pc Free Download

New SRAM array example Arduino code.

New Features in MeCon D_1.21

Fixed Issue when deployed on Win10,( Comport Scan Error)

No longer use .zip compression to save confusion with extraction processes, directly executable .exe file now

download and place in your folder of choice, Example 'C:MeConMeConVerD_1.21.exe' Two additional servo control's. Can be used with robotic arms that have 4,5 or 6 servo motor's.

NOTE! All Arduino sketch code samples have bean tested on Robotio Nano and Arduino Nano & Uno compatible boards with ATmega328P processors. they should work on others but might need additional coding to deal with the specifics of that board and its processor. unless otherwise stated all sketch code information is in reference to these boards.