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Coventry University Students: To access your AppsAnywhere Portal, please click here >
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Coventry University is streamlining their application deployment using AppsAnywhere, with the aim of continuously improving their students' experience.

AppsAnywhere is a service that allows S&T provided software to be accessed from all CLC computers, IT managed computers and personal devices running Windows 10. Follow the instructions below to view a list of what software is available to you. The AppsAnywhere Software Client and website portal allows current and authenticated Middlesex University students to run certain Middlesex University Licensed software on their Windows laptops (or dual boot Mac laptops on the Windows side), through a quick but temporary installation of the software from a website managed by Middlesex University.


BYOD (bring your own device) is coming to Coventry University this year, allowing their students to access university software anywhere and at anytime, with just the click of a single button.

Nearly 30,000 students can start to benefit from AppsAnywhere in its entirety at Coventry University. That means students no longer have to rely solely on campus computers for their software; studying and working, for both students and staff, has never been easier. And thanks to the leading application virtualization technology Cloudpaging, all software is available to access on-demand, making application delivery a more simple task for the university's IT department.

Coventry University: Apps, Anywhere

Coventry University have also created a short video, detailing how their students can begin using AppsAnywhere on their own devices, proving just how simple the process is.

Introduction to using Coventry AppsAnywhere - Transcript

Welcome to AppsAnywhere, a web based app store enabling you download and run software applications with a single click from any Windows 10 computer.

AppsAnywhere works by using a new streaming technology called CloudPaging. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to install an application with AppsAnywhere.

From any university managed Windows 10 computer, click the provided start menu shortcut, or open a web browser and go to


If connecting using your own device whilst on campus, you will need to connect to the eduroam WIFI service. This is a once only action, just to install the bits required to use AppsAnywhere. Go to

From your own device you will need to login using your username and password. The first time you visit, you’ll see the following page, click the blue button to download and install the software.

Once installed, click done. You will see a variety of applications that you’re entitled to use. All you need to do is search for the one you want.

Appsanywhere Download Mac

Hovering over your selection will give you two options. You can access more info if required, or you can just click launch to begin the installation. The application will now install, displaying the progress in the Cloudpaging player.

Once installed, the application will launch automatically.

Whenever you wish to use it again, it can be found in the start menu.

Should you ever wish to uninstall an application, you can easily do so in the Cloudpaging player.

Congratulations, you can now use Coventry University apps anywhere.

If you're interested in how AppsAnywhere can help improve your students' experience, you can visit our trial site HERE, or get in touch today.

AppsAnywhere is a web-based 'app store' for a variety of software. The store is currently under construction and a few software products are already available for use.


You will need to log in using your university account and can then use the software on your device. The software will be installed in a virtual environment and you will be able to use it as if it were installed locally. Just follow the instructions.

Please note: licensed software can only be used whilst connected to the university campus network or using a VPN connection as a connection to the license server needs to be maintained.

Windows users can use the AppsAnywhere-Store website.

Mac und Linux users need to install a virtualbox first by following these instructions.

Log in to AppsAnywhere

Log in using and your university password.

In the welcome notification 'Welcome to AppsAnywhere', click on 'It's my first time useing AppsAnywhere on this device.'

Appsanywhere Mst

You will then be notified, that the download has started and that you should save the file.

Once the download is complete, open the file to begin the installation.

In the installer, click on 'Next' to start the installation.

After the installation a validation will be carried out and the AppsAnywhere Launcher will open. You should check the box for 'Save selection for software2hub-Links'. Click on 'open link' to start the validation process. Once complete, the app store will be available to you.

List of available Software in the AppsAnywhere Store

Lisenced Software


Open Source Software

Appsanywhere Download Mac

Appsanywhere Gc

Audacity incl. Lame
Open Office
VLC Player