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8/10 (23 votes) - Download ApowerREC Free. Easily record your computer screen or the audio and image of your webcam thanks to ApowerREC, whether for educational, work or entertainment purposes. Nowadays, any program capable of recording our computer screen and the processes we carry out on it can. Being a powerful screen recorder for Windows and Mac, ApowerREC also supports recording screen activities with internal audio and microphone for your iOS and Android devices. For iOS users, you can add your own voice and facecam to the video after the recording. Download the latest version of ApowerREC for Windows. Advanced tool for capturing your computer screen. ApowerREC is a screengrabbing program that enables you.


Aside from being a powerful screen recorder for Windows and Mac, ApowerREC also supports recording screen activities with audio from your iOS and Android devices. For iOS users, you can even add your voice or facecam to the video after recording. For Android users, you are able to easily control screen recording with the unique overlay icon. ApowerREC ApowerREC is a cross-platform app that can be used to record screen on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and it enables you to record screen efficiently, which makes it a perfect screen recorder to capture screen activities and wonderful moments.

ApowerREC is a program that can record anything on your screen, including your actions on your desktop, live video, web meetings, online chatting and so on. You can capture your work full screen or in a specially configured area along with the sound, the software is able to maintain synchronization of video with the audio stream, it’s really cool. In addition, it is possible to record video from a webcam, you can record video chat or make training videos using this software to record on screen.

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Edit Videos
Make real-time editing during the recording or deploy advanced editing and add effects after the recording.

Record Webcam
Record webcam only or record webcam along with your screen simultaneously.

Task Recording
Create scheduled tasks to record PC screen/webcam automatically or follow a running application to record.


Convert Video
Convert the recorded videos into different formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc.

Take Screenshots
Take a screenshot with one click and it will be saved automatically.

Apowerrec Download Mac

Record Audio
Adjust the volume and customize the audio sources from sound card or microphone.


Apowerrec Mac Download

Apart from the functions above, ApowerREC also comes with other easy but highlighted features, including features such as the flexible overlay toolbar, visual recording settings, high output quality, and so on.

Apowerrec Download For Mac

Seamless Screen Recording Experience in All Devices
Aside from being a powerful Windows/Mac screen recorder. ApowerREC also provides screen recording for your mobile devices, it captures screen activities from your iOS or Android devices. For iOS users, simply mirror your phone screen to PC and record iOS screen as a video with high quality; for Android users, you can record Android screen with or without a PC.

Business use
Make a demonstration video for your app or capture web conference for backup and later review. Voice commentary and webcam are also supported to be included in the recording.

Teaching & Training
Record online class lecture for e-learning and add some annotations to it for better illustration. This video recording software can make your presentation become more vivid.

You can create stunning studying material and showcases. This can be achieved by recording live streaming lectures, online webinars and other similar events.

Record your finest gaming moments smoothly with HD quality, take screenshots of certain segments and share these awesome gameplay experience with others.

General Use
Other general use offered by this PC screen recorder includes saving the wonder video chat moment, recording a short video clip for troubleshooting and customer support, etc.

Share with the World
Share the wonderful moment you are living through via capturing as images or videos with your friends, family or even subscribers from all over the world regardless of where you live.
Host your screencasts in ShowMore website for backup and it gives you complete control over managing and sharing videos.Create a new FTP connection as you wish and access to the FTP server in order to upload and download files in an effective way.One-click upload your recorded videos to YouTube directly for instant sharing with subscribers. No further ado is needed.Easily upload screenshots to free cloud space provided by screenshot.net and share them with your friends via the link.

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Download ApowerREC – (78.1 Mb)

  • 【Adapt For】 macOS 10.14

    【ApowerREC Not Recording Issue】

    The recording time froze at “00:00:00” after beginning the recording:

    ▶▶ Solution 1

    In this case, it means the microphone access has not been turned on yet. Please kindly follow the steps below to solve this issue:

    1. Enter “System Preferences…” from the top menu.

    2. Choose “Security & Privacy”.

    3. Click “Privacy” → Choose “Microphone” → Check “ApowerREC.app”.

    4. And if you are using Mac 10.15 system, please also make sure to check “ApowerREC” option under the Screen Recording settings.

    Below is the link for you to download the latest compatible version:

    ▶▶ Solution 2

    If solution one does not work, kindly send feedback from the program so that the program’s technician can check this feedback and locate the problem for you:

    Click on the third icon at the top panel and choose “Help”, then, click “Feedback” and leave the problem you are having with the software and send it to us.


    I cannot start the app at all since Mojave, what can I do?

      • :

        Dear User, please kindly tell us which OS system and the version of the program you are using. If you are on 10.14.3 system, it's suggested to download the latest version of the program from our official website. If you are still having problem with the latest version, please email [email protected] and describe your issue. The customer service will help you from there. Thank you!

      • 2019-03-12 02:08Reply


    I just downloaded and paid for a lifetime license. I followed the set up video, all is in order but when I press record the countdown begins and then the beep for starting recording sounds but then nothing starts to record. I even tried your solution 1 about the microphone in privacy, this is working also & checked.

    I am on macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

    I also get this when starting up every time:

    I install and restart and it says the same thing.

    I have an Apollo UAD and usb microphone set up of which I have selected in the preferences. But I did notice the System sound is greyed out.

    Could you please let me know a solution to get this working?

    Thanks x

      • :

        Im having the exact same problem.

      • 2020-01-21 21:42Reply
      • :

        Im having the exact same problem.

      • 2020-01-21 21:42Reply

    I have exactly the same problem. Is there a solution?


    I have the same problem as above, it will not record on system sound, when i go to security and privacy there is no option for microphone ?


    Microphone access is turned on. but still no sound. And the video doesn’t work. Chose “facetime camera”, but it seems like it’s recording my screen.


    Has anyone figured out a solution for this yet? I have been having the same problem ever since I purchased it two months ago and have emailed them over five times with no real help. Can anyone please help?


    Same problem. Microphone has access, but it’s not recording. Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4.


    Same problem. Microphone has access, but it’s not recording. Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4.


    This problem appeared spontaneously with Mac Mohave 0.14.6 and apparently has been a bane to subscribers

    for almost five months. My guess is the problem is on their end. Fortunately my subscription runs out in a month or two so I’ll be looking for another screen capture tool. I think others should consider that option.