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  1. A Download Manager
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These Artificial Intelligence Software provide controlling of the computer so that dictation, helps browse the Internet, songs can be played with files can be searched, alarms can be set as well as reminders and mathematical calculations can be done by using voice commands.


Adobe Illustrator, the vector-based software used my millions, has been reimagined for the iPad. Create logos, icons, illustrations, and graphics with a design toolkit that includes type, gradients, shape-building, and precise vector editing tools. Download Kite for free! Available for Python on Mac, Windows, & Linux. Kite works 100% locally, and easily plugs into your code editor. Code smart & fast.

One can even use it to remember notes for you as well as read ebooks and a lot more tasks.

A Download Manager


This artificial intelligence software is a human language interface as well as it is an automation software which allows interaction with the computer using English language voice commands. It is super functional at doing tasks. Commands can either be typed or spoken and using the App, interaction with the computer is possible from anywhere in the house using WiFi. One can use it even for mathematical functions including Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Prime Numbers, Roots, Powers, Divisors, Percentage, Set Theory and more.

Mega Voice Command

This software allows you to manipulate your computer using voice recognition. You can create your own commands and have it synced with Windows Speech recognition. It is a free software and updates are searchable by it for free as well. However, to use it, Windows 7 or later is required. With it, software, music, volume, videos, questions, clock, weather, alarms and so much more can be controlled. Default commands can be displayed in case the user forgets the commands.


Ultra Hal

This allows the user to have an actual conversation with the character and the character too learns from the conversations. This dials phone numbers Can keep address/phone/email/appointment book and runs programs as well as recent documents on command. If the user has already purchased a desktopMates character, they can use it with this. The Personality evolves over time of this robot.


Assistant – Your Voice Aide for Android

This helps to answer questions or find information. It helps to set alarms, connect the user to web services as well as launch apps. This learns of your services, preferences, and favorite places and based on it makes suggestions. This is available in different languages and it has cross platform uses.


Amy A.I. for Mac

This software is usable on iPhones and iPods. You can have a near human conversation. You can email as well as SMS the chat logs, the robot is fully functional, has easy to use interface. You can log your chat so that you can review it later and you can speak in multiple languages like German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Syn Virtual Assistant for Windows

This software is platform Independent for the graphic engine. It assists in setting reminders, getting the news, checking weather reports and emails as well. It also comes with 3D avatars and dozens of plugins including face detection, dictionary features, Wikipedia searches and more.

Nextos – Most Popular Software of the Year 2016

This is a virtual private assistant and works on PC desktops as well as MAC OS computers. There is also an Android version of this software which is available. It offers Text to speech and speech recognition dictation systems. It searches the web, speaks emails out aloud, schedules appointments, gets the latest news, runs applications based on voice and so much more. You can also see Team Management Software

What is Artificial Intelligence Software?

Ai Download Mac

Adobe Illustrator 10 Free Download

This software triggers actions based on the startup. They are voice activated and save a lot of time. They can open up frequently used websites, remind the user of events, help you to interact with application windows like maximizing or minimizing the window, switching, scrolling up and down, closing the window and more.

It can be used to find the time as well as the weather in any part of the world, take down notes and even Automate various computer tasks. It also can be used to define hotkeys which can trigger custom command actions and replies. These can be used to open or search locations, websites or programs.

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