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Academia: School Simulator is a school management simulation game that lets you design, construct and manage a high school. It shares some similarities with Prison Architect, but here you run a school instead of a prison.

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You watch students enter the school newly and go through the various phases of high school. They pass exams, fail exams, make friends, become lovers etc. Your principal deals with things like student insubordination, PTA strikes, staff strikes and more. Natural disasters occur, and you have to choose how to respond.

You hire teachers, cooks, medical personnel and janitors, and you find various ways to keep your staff motivated so they don’t resign. You must take your time while hiring teachers because each teacher has their teaching style and specialization. As the game progresses, you have to specialize in the Arts, Sciences, Sports or Agriculture. You design your school emblem, flag and uniform.

You must also keep an eye on your finances. Things like the amount of coffee available in the staff room or the quality of lunch you give your students will affect your finances. Give your student poor lunches instead of a healthy diet, and you find that your school is worse for it. Hire too many janitors and your finances will quickly get drained. Hire too few janitors and students will leave your school for being too dirty. It’s all a delicate, balancing act.

You must find a way to keep students, staff and parents happy. If students leave your school, you’ll lose revenue. If good staff leave your school, your school ratings will drop. You monitor students’ fun level, energy level, food level, hygiene level, bladder level, bowel level and safety level. You reduce delinquents in your school to keep students safe. You build recreational rooms and facilities for science, art, music and computer to keep students happy. You must plan facility layouts adequately within your schools with each layout having a consequence. Keep your students motivated by giving them bonuses when they deserve it. Scold them too much and they get demotivated. Don’t scold them and they may turn out to be truants. If students fall ill, they miss classes. If students fall in love and get accepted by their crush, their motivation level increases. If they get rejected, they lose motivation.

Keep your class size manageable or your students won’t learn as fast as they should. The ideal class size is 25. Keeping the class size lower than this will give you a bonus. But, the smaller the class size, the more classes you have to construct.

If your students are failing too much, you need to examine their results and see the subjects that they are failing the most. Then, you hire new teachers and make other necessary adjustments needed for them to pass the subjects. Good teachers will cost more and drain your finances faster.


There are no modding feature yet. But the developers have promised to add modding capabilities to the game as it develops further.


Academia School Simulator Free Download Mac Pc

  • Enjoyable school simulator/managerial game
  • A lot of things count in this simulator
  • New content added regularly


  • You’ll encounter bugs while playing

Academia: School Simulator is a fun to play game that will keep you busy for several hours. The game is still under active development, so expect to see more features added and more bugs sorted out. Fans of simulation games like Prison Architect, Sim Airport and Airport CEO will enjoy Academia: School Simulator.

Overall rating: 7

Academia School Simulator Free Download 2019 Multiplayer GOG PC Game Latest With All Updates And DLCs For Mac OS X DMG Worldofpcgames Android APK.

Overview School Simulator:

Academia School Simulator Game Free

Academia School Simulation is a simulation game. The game allows you to design, construct and manage your own high school. This School Simulator allows you to build science rooms, art labs and much more. You can hire teachers and guidance counselors for your school. You can raise your school to the number 1 position. Academia school simulator allows you to watch your students grow. Students evolve and earn new skills as they go through the roller coaster, that is high school. Besides, students the game also allows you to focus much on the faculty. You can design the faculty of your school according to your teaching style, goals, and specializations. You can keep them motivated else resign.

Academia School Simulator allows you to specialize your school in various fields such as Arts, Math, Science, Sports, Agriculture, and Vocational studies. You can customize your school in a wide variety of ways. The student-teacher relationship, parent-teacher association, staff strike, and others are some of the events that you have to deal with. With Academia School Simulator you can hire a best teacher and faculty for your students and can design a giant classroom of 1:100 student-teacher ratio.

Besides, you also have to manage the finances of your school. Students motivation are driven by several techniques. Build canteen, clinics, computer labs, common areas, and much more. Teachers are unique with different specialties and degrees. You have to fulfill all their needs so that they can teach your students at the highest level. The game has sandbox and normal mode. The sandbox mode allows you to go Utopian with unlimited money.

Academia School Simulator Free Download Pc


Academia School Simulator Free Download:

  • Build your own high school.
  • Customize your school.
  • Design The Faculty.
  • Modding.
  • Teach a wide Variety of Subjects.

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8/8./10 (64 Bit Processor)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core 1.6 Ghz/AMD FX-6300
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/AMD Radeon HD 7850
6 :: Space Storage:: 400 MB space

Academia School Simulator Download Free

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Academia Game Free

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